Test Rats – Trying Out New Army Exercises

Looking for creative inspiration and a new spin on a workout, Neon found an article on the Army’s new combat fitness test in the WSJ, of all places.

Of the 5 new ‘domains’ the lucky 6 PAX who posted were labs rats for 3. The remaining 2 exercises include maxing out a deadlift and a 250 meter spring/pull/drag shuttle run that required more equipment than was accessible on short notice.

At 5:30AM festivities commenced with a truncated (half ass) disclosure followed by a brief pause to stay clear of an incoming car driven by an unnamed and tardy member (hint: name sounds like Downtown Whirl). The 5 took off on a mosey to the other side of the park.


SSDs, monkey humpers, nordic skiers, Moroccan night clubs, arm circles, and shoulder taps. Mid way through the workout Open House appeared and bolstered attendance by 20%.


The Thang

The PAX convened under a pavilion to try out the new Army “T” push-up, which to the best of Neon’s reckoning, the subject lays face down, pushes up, lowers down and lays on the ground and extends arms out like a “T”. Then back to the start position. Not terribly difficult to do 15 in cadence. The PAX did a series of squats and then ran a quarter mile lap around the infield.

Back to the pavilion for mountain climbers and Carolina dry docks. Run a quarter mile.

Over to the jungle gym to make use of pull up bars for the leg tuck. The leg tuck starts with a straight arm hang and then raising the body up so that arms are at a 90 degree angle. Hold the flex arm hang and pull the knees to the elbows, that’s one. Its a bit harder than the push-ups. Over to the swings for hanging back rows and then a lap around the infield.

Back to the pavilion for star jacks and something else. The next event in lieu of the spring/pull/drag was a sprint, bear, crab walk and sprint up and back across the infield. The PAX did another lap back to the shovel flag for a set of burpees and two rounds of Mary.

If anyone is actually reading this they may have realized that the PAX only did two of the domains (T push up and leg tuck) as documented in this BB. But wait, there’s more! Total running for the morning was a touch over 2 miles, consistent with the 2 mile run as noted in the new Army fitness test.

Announcements / Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama

Hawkeye presented a doctor’s note (which happened to be signed by a dentist) requesting that his recent absences be excused due to a fractured knee cap suffered by his wife. He also requested prayers for her healing as she completes outpatient therapy.

COT: 6:15AM

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