Pea Soup in Fleetwood

Workout Date: [08/15/17]


Arrived at The Pond to a landscape shrouded in heavy,  thick fog.  There was a bunch of running in the works for this workout and YHC was a bit concerned about visibility and navigating the early morning terrain.  The London-like conditions were not enough to scare away four of Fleetwood’s hardiest PAX and we circled up to start on time at 530.

Disclosure Given

Warmarma: Moroccan Night Club 50 IC, Goofballs 25 IC, Mountain Goats, (1-2-3-Goat kick on 4)  mosey to walking track by pullup bars. YHC set up 4 cones…..1 at 10, 25, 50, 75 and then the gate made the 100 yard mark.    Did a round of Red Barchetta:

sprint (75 %) to 100 yard mark, perform 100 squats, sprint back to start and plank for six.

sprint to 75 yard mark, perform 75 mountain climbers (single count), sprint back and plank

sprint to 50 yard mark, 50 merkins, sprint back and plank

sprint to 25 yard mark, 25 american hammers, sprint back and plank

bear crawl to 10 yard mark, 10 burpees, crawl bear back.

mosey to upper baseball field:

20 box jumps on bleachers, 20 dips and repeato

mosey around to bathrooms building, line up along wall..

peoples chair with over claps…..BTTW

line up towards pavilion and broad jump over…slippery!!! almost lost Demo

Derkins/ Merkins on tables with ab workout on table tops between…..

mosey to pullup bar for 2 rounds of pushups/ pullups….

mosey back to shovel flag





The Fountain: Breaking in the New AO

Workout Date: [08/14/17]


YHC arrived a full 30 min. early to get a feel for the lay of the land and scope out the new digs before his F3 brethren arrived.  The new site has a great ambience; the sound of falling water from the two fountains that are bookends to cobble-stoned meeting area along with the old, university red-brick buildings that make up the surrounding landscape spark a pang of nostalgia for college days of old.  Hopefully we can rekindle that youthful vigor as we strike out with this new AO.  We will be pushing to EH college guys…no KU student FNG’s today, but we haven’t really begun to advertise yet and classes don’t start on campus for another two weeks.   Four more PAX joined up, all nice and early and we started on-time at 530.

Disclaimer given


SSH IC x 20, Arm Circles forward/ backward, Mountain Climbers IC x 15….gather up by west fountain for

The THANG (Part 1):  ATMs

This is a brutal chest workout…..A (alternating shoulder taps x 15)  T (Tempo Merkins:  3 count down slowly, up quickly to plank makes 1…x 10 reps)  M (fast merkins, 1 count x 10)    going for 5 sets….after 3 sets we needed a chest break so YHC called for a mosey around parking lot and back to finish final 2 sets

Thang (part 2):  Dora 123s……between fountains

gathered up by West Fountain (big splash pool fountain)  and partner up

PAX 1:  works on exercise and keeps cumulative count  (100 burpees, 150 dips, 250 WW1s/ LBCs)

PAX2:  -for burpee round did bear walk from West to East Fountain, Bobby Hurleys x 3, Crab Walk back to West fountain to flap jack with PAX 1 and keep count going…..

-for dips and situp round did lunge walks from West to East Fountain, Bobby                        Hurleys x 3, broad jumps back to East fountain


Announcements:  looking to get a team together for Jersey Spartan on Nov. 4

Prayer requests


great first workout at the Fountain, looking forward to many more to come

Bogey out

Bears….Bats…Battlestar Galactica!

Workout Date: [08/04/17]


Okay well there weren’t many bats, and definitely no Battlestar Galactica, but there was plenty of Bear Crawls, Crawlbears and I love to use an Office reference whenever humanly possible.

Another unseasonably cool August day in the early gloom of Fleetwood PA and four PAX showed up to better themselves and spur on their brothers by springing forth from their fartsacks to tackle the challenge that awaited them.

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert. (I said something sort of like this…)


Arm Circles OYO, Grass Pickers OYO, Side-Straddle Burpees (5 SSH IC/ 2 burpees x 5 reps)

mosey ’round track and meet up at upper ball field (closest to main entrance)….for

The THANG Part 1:    The Cycle

From home plate, bear crawl to 1st base, 3 burpees, crawl bear back to home From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to 2nd base, 6 burpees, crawl bear back to home From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to third base, 9 burpees, crawl bear back to home From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to home plate.

The Crawlbears were partically brutal.  Moseyed to lower fitness loop near creek for..

Part 2:  The Cooper

1 lap around track. 10 burpees, 10 Squats, then 10 Merkins. Lap around track. Then 9,9, 9 of same. Count down to 1. Gets pretty brutal when you get to around 5.   YHC called a break for ABS to catch our breath together once the lead man (treehugger) completed fifth lap cycle.  Decided to do 2 more rounds of 3’s for everyone.   moseyed to shovel flag for ABS…


COR, NOR, Announcements:  still strongly considering adding Monday workout at Kutztown University (The Fountain)

Great workout men, I am always blown away by you guys!

Bogey Out

True Gloom in all its glory!

Six brave men cut through the thick fog to rendezvous at “The Pond” We partnered up to ensure no soul was lost in the gloom

The Warmup:


Sun gods

Grass Pickers

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks

The Thang: Partner Dora 1 2 3 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs

P1- run across the field, burpee and return

P2- do the exercise flapjack


Dominoes- PAX line up planks with left hand high, starting at one end, first PAX rotates to regular plank position for X 10 Merkins, first PAX then holds regular plank and next PAX rotates down for Merkins, and so on down the line. Return back, Left Arm up.

PAX lined up in People’s chair, Domino down the line -5 Mike Tysons, return back with 5 Mike Tysons


Mosey to the monkey bars:

Two PAX on the bars doing 10 pull ups while remaining PAX burpee OYO, rotate. Second round with 10 leg ups


Quick round robin of MoM while each PAX took a turn reading the following verse:

Ephesians 4:29

 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.



9/4 Manniversary: Special F3 Workout at the Allentown Hope Rescue Mission. Uptown Girl sent out a signup email. Please sign up if you plan to attend.



Bogey, Tree Hugger, Vector, Rough Rider, Tool Box & Demo


COT & Prayers:

We thanked our Father for this glorious day and prayed that the children who attended FBC’s VBS would feel his love and continue on a path to follow and serve.


DEMO Out!                 Great work MEN!


Carnival Fun in Fleetwood

Date: [07/21/17]

Qic: [Bogey]


[The Fleetwood Carnival is in town and have taken over our AO.  That’s okay, that didn’t stop 5 intrepid HIM (high impact men) from challenging one another with a solid workout in the Friday Berks County Gloom.   The verse of the day was 1 Peter 5: 8-10

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.10 And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

The PAX took turns reading the verse aloud during various parts of the exercise to assist, hopefully, in committing the truth to memory.  Good mumblechatter ensued.]

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.


[SSH IC X 20, Mountain Climbers IC X 15]  moseyed over bridge toward Carnival Equipment for……


[Doracides:   Partner up, PAX 1 sprints to cone 1 and performs 1 burpee, sprints back to partner, touches, sprints to cone 2 and performs 2 burpees, sprints back to partner and touches, sprints to cone 3 and performs 3 burpees……Flapjack and pick up count.  PAX 2 meanwhile has been knocking out reps of the current exercise.    Exercise 1:  150 Merkins,  Exercise 2: 200 dips,  Exercise 3:  300 Squats with air press, Exercise 4: 200 LBCs / WW1 situps (35:15 ratio)]


[Include: COR:  5 PAX, NOR: Toolbox, Treehugger, Dropbox, Demo, Bogey , prayers, praises, announcements:  VBS next week at FBC, considering adding weight training workout at YMCA with Stryker as Q, discussed doing it Sat. mornings.] [Remember Satan prowling like a lion and will use whatever means he can to trip you up and try to separate you from God.  The good news is God provides us the strength to resist and help our brothers resist by keeping our eyes on the truth. ]