Spinal Tap

Workout Date: 08/10/17


Since my F3 name is Rock Star and this was my first time as Q, I chose a rock ‘n’ roll theme using the most famous fake rock band in history as my inspiration, Spinal Tap. (A couple of the exercises, “11’s”, reference this famous scene from the movie: https://youtu.be/KOO5S4vxi0o ). But it’s not all about R&R, late in the film the lead guitarist, Nigel Tufnel, has a falling out with the lead singer and leaves the band, only to return at the end of the film seeking forgiveness and reconciliation, much like the prodigal son in Jesus’ famous parable. The band does find forgiveness and there is much celebration at this ‘family’ being back together again!

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.


Capri Lap, Sun God, Arm Circle, Abe Vigoda (15 per side), Copperhead Squat (20)


  1. Elevens: Abyss Merkins and Dips
  2. Ascending Testicles (as if we hadn’t done enough Merkins in the previous routine!)
  3. Black Jack (Elevens-style) – Merkins (yes, more) and LBCs; 1+10, 2+9, etc.
  4. Burpee Mile (1/4 mile run, 10 burpees, rinse and repeat for 1 whole mile)


Around the circle we’re each PAX (6 of us) chose our favorite ab ex.


Flame, Dr. Seuss, Beaker, Striker, Luigi and Rock Star. Flame announced the Lake Champion men’s retreat for this October where F3 will be doing its thang; Dr. Seuss asked for prayer for the family of his eldest son’s friend who committed suicide earlier that week.


Thinking about the tragedy of young people taking their own lives, it drives home the point that boys need real men as role models to admire and to emulate. That’s our calling and deep responsibility. No pressure, right?! Keeping fit and healthy, physically, relationally, spiritually is a big part of that. We’re not just doing this for ourselves – there are people (sons, daughters, friends, colleagues, etc., etc.) watching!!!

Facing the Giants

August 8, 2017

Theme for this workout was “Facing the Giants.” Giants is of course a metaphor for problems, difficulties, challenges and obstacles in life.  The stories about David and Goliath in 1 Sam. 17, Elijah and Jezebel in 1 Kings 19, and Jonah and the Ninevites in the book of Jonah tell us to face our problems and not to run away from them.

Q introduced this theme, reviewed the disclaimer, and commenced with the workout.

Warm-O-Rama: warm-up began with vigodas, side-straddle-hops, seal jacks, grass pickers, American hammers, Merkins, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, plank punches, superman stretch, and back breakers in cadence.

PAX the moseyed around park doing side shuffles, high knees, butt-kickers, “open / close the gate,” bending, Frankenstein, reverse Frankenstein, and backwards jog.

The Thang: Modified Col. Trautman. PAX completed eight sets of five pull-ups.  Between sets, PAX held strength poses for one minute including: deep knee squat, six inches, plank, full superman, crunchy frog pose, side planks, back plank, and ballerina pose.

This was followed by a game of “Pass the Plate.”  PAX formed a reverse ball of man, ie. shoulder-to- shoulder facing outward from the circle. Two 25 lbs. weights were passed around the circle while music played.  When the music stopped, the men with the plates did 10-15 reps of shoulder presses, curls, and holding the weight in front of them for a ten count. The game is similar to “Hot Potato.”

Pax then moseyed back to shovel flag for count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements and prayer requests.

Q closed training session with prayer.

Under Pressure

Sat. July 22, 2017

Welcome:  Fitness, Fellowship, Faith.   Free, All Men, Outside, Rotationally Led, COT


Side Straddle Hops in cadence, arm circles in cadence, quad stretch 10 count switch, reach for the stars with bar 10 count, side lunges 3 count 5 each side, pendulums with bar in cadence, hold plank stretch calves.

Mumble Chatter:  Under Pressure- clamps apply pressure to hold wood under pressure, amazing power to line up, 3rd hand, what do we do when the pressures of life squeeze us?  Run from God and do things our own way, or run to God and ask for his help and strength.

Shoulder Taps in cadence.

Side shuffle mosey to near bull pens:

Circle Up- Large.  Piece of Resistance : hold squat with bar out.  1 PAX bar down, shuffles around circle pushing down on bars of other PAX, next PAX goes.

Trunk Twist in cadence.

Straight leg march mosey to hill by 3rd base:

Legs up hill: Canoes in cadence, big boy sit ups in cadence

Regular mosey to Pavilion:

2 minute drill: 30 second hang, 30 second shoulder presses, 30 seconds arm curls, 30 seconds shoulder shrugs

Backwards mosey to sand volleyball:

1-legged dead lifts in cadence 10 each leg, squat jumps up count 15 to 1, skewed merkins over bar in cadence, switch, flutter kicks while holding bar count 15 to 1.

Bar line sprint to Soccer Board:

2 minute drill: Jump Taps 30 sec, Arm Curls 30 sec, Popeys 30 sec, Rollups 30 sec.

Careoke mosey to pavilion:

10 pullups, bicycles in cadence, side planks with bar, switch, AYG to the shovel flag.

Cool down stretch, share, announcements, FNG’s, counterama, namerama, COT, 2nd F?

1776, Lehigh Valley

The Pax of Lakewood Ranch are embarking on their 1st CSAUP event and we challenge all of Mustard Seed Regions…heck, ALL Regions to join us. Let’s call it a Virtual CSAUP – Just one that doesn’t involve virtual reality!

The Thang

Celebrate our nation’s birthday by tackling a very special challenge:

1776 yard run (1.01 miles)

100 Merkins

100 Overhead Claps

100 LBCs

100 Dips

100 Moroccan Nightclubs

100 Leg Scissors

100 Pullups

100 Stepups

100 Squats

100 American Hammers

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Plank Shoulder Taps

100 Plank Jacks

100 High Knees

Finisher: 100 Yard Bear Crawl to the Shovel Flag (GO USA) and complete 76 Burpees!

Achieve PATRIOT status by splitting the list with one fellow PAX. Both do full bear crawl before sharing the final burpees.

Achieve AMERICAN EAGLE status by going solo!

Challenge commences at 0600 sharp at The Swamp in Macungie Memorial Park.

Test your strength and show your loyalty to your country, surrounded by the fellowship of F3!

Do you have what it takes?



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