All In Championship Workout


Saturday, 10/7/17 – Lake Champion, NY

Priority One Guy’s Weekend


Slim and I planted the shovel flag over 24 hours in advance of workout with the following note taped to it…. “F3 Boot Camp Workout Saturday! Meet here @ 6:15am”
The retreat director further planted the seed with an announcement to the 337 men after dinner. Lots of mumble chatter and EH’ing continued as we approached the gloom.

A brief welcome was given by YHC and introduction of Chip Hawkins who came out of his wheel chair and with oxygen to sing for us God Bless the USA! YHC transitioned DISCLOUSRE to Flame.


A mosey through the sprinklers to the soccerfield. Circle up for a brief instruction on cadence. Sungods, Abe Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Peter Parker, SSH, Monkey Humpers, Hill Billies, Alabama Ass Kickers, Crab Cakes


Part 1 – Log Pile

Mosey down past the maintenance shed to the log pile. Some guys picked up trees, others cut fire wood, and some buckets of soil up to top of hill. (1/4 mile). Some guys flipped logs down hill and off cliff. Other guys went up and down hill with buckets and firewood. SSH and Monkey Humpers until 6.

Part 2 – Ascending Partner Suicides

Spaced out two cones about 110 yards part. Both partners start at same spot.

P1 – Bear Crawl as far as possible; while P2 10 merkins, P2 sprints to switch with P1
P1 – Crab Walk as far as possible; while P2 20 monkey humpers, P2 sprints to switch with P1
P3 – Inch Worm as far as possible; while P2 30 SSH, P2 sprints to switch with P1

Thang 3 – The Wall

Mosey to the wall down by the lake.

1. Urkins
2. Derkins
3. Dips
4. Step Ups


Crunchy Frog, WWI sit-ups, Plank Twists, Freddie Mercury, Snow Angels, Flutter Kicks

CoRama – 26

NoRama – 15 FNG’s maybe more. Crotch Rocket, Destiny Child, Flipper, Sumo, Duece, Over Easy, Tap Out, Black Hawk, Monkey Wrench, Selfie, Big Blue, Snoop, Pappa Bear, Dr. Feel Good, and Napoleon


Lord thank you for bringing us all together this weekend to learn more about what it means to go ALL IN as men for you. The battle is real and don’t fool yourself. You need a brother to walk with you to push you and encourage you to give your best. We know we are living 3rd; behind you and our family.

Last and certainly not least, Chip took us out with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Trojan back blast.

Date: 7/27/17

Q..Drop Box

Warm up.

1. Mosey

2. 20 Side straddle hops in cadence

3. 20 Abe Vagotas in cadence

4. Arm circles

5. Hugging bears

6. 20 Merkins in cadence

7. 20 Mountain climbers in cadence

8. 20 Big Boy sit ups OYO

The Thang

50 yard sprint 10 Burpees, ssh for the six. 50 yards back ,5 Burpees ,SSH for the six.

Mosey to the basketball court for Ascending Curb Crawl.

Bear crawl to each side of the basketball courts starting with one merkin continuing a bear crawl to each side while increasing the murkins until we reached 13 merkins.

Mosey through the trail back to the parking lot for a 2+2 workout.

we partnered up, one pax jumped rope while his teammate performed Burpees for 2 minutes. Pancaked then repeated with jumping rope switching the workout to merkins

performed three  sets of abs and finished with countarama, introducing 2 new FNGs for a total of 10 at the Trojan.

Green Grass and Wet Arses!

SATURDAY – JULY 15, 2017      QIC:  Uptown Girl

Could we possibly get any more rain in July?  It doesn’t seem possible; however, 70% chance was in the forecast.

Cowboy Wisdom:  “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.”

The threat of rain could not keep our FNG’s away.  A special shout out to Dr. Seuss for doing his part this week to EH some FNG.

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.


Silly Sandbag Indian Run to football field.  Three sandbags in rotation.  Still not sure how that works.  Circle up on Midfield for Grass Pickers, Abe Vogoda, Sun Gods, SSH, Hillbillies, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, 4×4’s Plank Jacks, ATM, Side Plank, Alabama Ass Kickers, and maybe some more stuff like robots.  We had a lost FNG who showed up about 3/4 of the way through the warm=up so needed to put some more in there.


Part 1 – Bojangle Biscuts by running around outside of the football field.  Run sprint length of field, jog across the end zone.  After each full lap do 10 burpees.

We did four laps with a recovery exercise underneath the pavilion.  (Dips, Urkins, Step-ups)

Part 2 – Mosey to pavilion.  Partner Up for “The Gross”.  Typically 12 reps x 12 sets of an exercise.  12 pull-ups ( or 30 second hangs); while other partner does merkin or other exercised called out.  Each set counts as 24, rinse with some abs, then repeat 6 times.  3 sets of pull-ups for each partner.

Part 3 – Dora Sandy Back Pack.  We formed 3 lines of 2, and 1 line of 3.  The lines without a 3 PAX, used sand bags. 1 pax does 4×4’s until the other PAX either carry Pax and Sandbag across the field and back.  Pax with sandbag drop the bag and bear crawl back across the field.  Rinse and repeat until run out of time.


PAX gathered up the sandbags and started mosey back to shovel flag.  Every 200 yards stop do some Abs (Plank, Dolly, Flutter) when 6 reaches PAX.  Circle up at the flag go around the horn calling out an Ab exercise for 10 count.


Count-O-Rama: 9

Name-O-Rama: Billy Ray and Tiny Bubbles

Praise for Skippers return to full health. Prayers for Billy Ray marriage, Praise and Prayer for Slims conversation with the warden to bring F3 into the work release program.



1776, Lehigh Valley

The Pax of Lakewood Ranch are embarking on their 1st CSAUP event and we challenge all of Mustard Seed Regions…heck, ALL Regions to join us. Let’s call it a Virtual CSAUP – Just one that doesn’t involve virtual reality!

The Thang

Celebrate our nation’s birthday by tackling a very special challenge:

1776 yard run (1.01 miles)

100 Merkins

100 Overhead Claps

100 LBCs

100 Dips

100 Moroccan Nightclubs

100 Leg Scissors

100 Pullups

100 Stepups

100 Squats

100 American Hammers

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Plank Shoulder Taps

100 Plank Jacks

100 High Knees

Finisher: 100 Yard Bear Crawl to the Shovel Flag (GO USA) and complete 76 Burpees!

Achieve PATRIOT status by splitting the list with one fellow PAX. Both do full bear crawl before sharing the final burpees.

Achieve AMERICAN EAGLE status by going solo!

Challenge commences at 0600 sharp at The Swamp in Macungie Memorial Park.

Test your strength and show your loyalty to your country, surrounded by the fellowship of F3!

Do you have what it takes?



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