The Max Multiplyer

38, windy as heck

9 brave souls ventured into the blustery December morning and pushed themselves

and each other.

treehugger announced it was 530 and off we went for a run the length of the parking lot

and back x 2…

off for a mosey down to playground…

-disclosure given while holding plank for 2 min…

the thang, Part 1:  Master Multiplyer

everyone does pushups to failure, proper form.

whatever your rep count, you will now do 4 times that amount in sets to

failure…with ab work for a break between sets.

Part 2: sprinters Choice:

pax picks ab workout that all do together, then main workout while one Pax runs…when runner returns he picks the ab then main workout…

ABS done (2 min duration)

ww1s, feet on fence Derkin plank, bicycles, dr ws

main exercises done:

burpees, lunges, squats, air presses, dips

mosey back


Crazy 8s


Demo stepped up to lead, and we have an FNG!!



mosry to pavilion for crazy 8s

8 exercises:  start 1 rep each, back to back, work your way to 8 reps each then back down…

irkins, derkins, big boys, pull-ups, dips, box jumps, lunges, Squats

took a break halfway thru for around the horn abs, PAX chooses exercise

mosey back to start for…


Sprinters Choice

Treehugger stepped up to Q and in true form announced a counting free, cadence less, creative workout. Much mumble chatter involving back abs as well as 2 startling confessions by tree hugger that he likes body builders more than burpees and he doesn’t eat candy anymore.

-quick disclosure, skip warmups with mosey to the runners loop, explained “sprinters choice” en route

-All pax ran one lap around fitness track

-each additional round the sprinter (oldest to youngest) picks the ab workout that all PAX do together, then the body weight exercise that everyone does while sprinter runs….did 2 rounds thru….

exercises/ ab workouts included ( in no particular order) :

burpees, merkins, ww1s, big boys, lunge walk, bear crawl, ab alphabet, merkins, 6 inches, standing American hammers, crab walk, body builders, super mans with abducters (“back abs”), bicycles, dips, box jumps, holding plank for 2 minutes


annoumcements: Black Friday convergence at The Pond 7-8

I barely can feel my legs

Yes, another installment of the always in politically

correct lt Dans.  It was our first true chilly day for F3

in Fleetwood for the season..,,thermometer read 38

degrees, but 6 PAX broke free from the warmth of their

beds to push themselves in the chilly gloom.

warmarama: Ssh, mh’s, imperial walkers

-mosey to pullup bar for morning call

-mosey to band shell for box jumps/ dips

-mosey to upper ball field for…

Dora Dans:

Pax 1:  Lt Dans around bases

Pax 2:  100 burpees, 200 merkins

(breaks between rounds for abs)

mosey back to flag for


Bogey out

Fall Fun in Fleetwood

Warmarama. Smurfjacks x 20, MCs x 15

High knees down, butt kickers back, karaoke down, 75 percent sprint back

ATMs: 15 alt shoulder taps, 10 tempo, 10 speed merkins x 2 sets

Mosey down to pullup bar for morning call
X 2 sets

Mosey over to pavilion for 20 box jumps/ 20 dips

Mosey over to track for Cooper: Lap: 10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 merkins…lap 999

Completed through set of 6, moseyed over to padded playground for round of abs

Mosey to shovel flag