Spring Training

It was a mild December day with temps akin to those in spring for some heavy breathing on the baseball diamond. The matutinal activities commenced with a mosey through parking down to baseball field.

Side straddle hops, lunges, squats, goofballs, arm circles, Spiderman Merkins, monkey Humpers galore
The Thang
Partner up for three innings!
Inning one: partner runs around the bases while other partner at home does Burpee’s for a team cumulative of 50
Inning two: Running and a cumulative of 80 Carolina Dry docks
Inning three: bear crawl to first and onto second, then crab walk to third and home
Circle up for a round of legs led by each of the pax
Mosey to jungle gym
Max out pull ups, Mountain climbers, max out assisted pull-ups
Mosey back to shovel flag for a round of glorious mary

Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama: 6

Announcements & Prayers: Upcoming workouts, Allentown Rescue Mission 12/6/17 and prayers for Uptown Girl step father who is undergoing survey 12/7

COT: 6:15AM

Where’s my socks?

It was 5:22 AM and the Q’s pregame consisted of a doggy dig through the laundry room for clean socks. There was no counting involved, just bad words, but at least 50 reps were done. In his hand were the socks of the M, 2.o, 2.1 and 2.2 — but not his. Finally, two socks appeared at the bottom, they didn’t match but they fit.

Workout kicked off at 5:31 AM with mini disclosure and Warm-o-rama:

  • mosey down to street
  • arm circles, sun gods, ssd’s, front lunges, merkins, shoulder taps
  • shuffle, backwards run, shuffle, power skip down the lane
The Thang
Partner up for 3 sets; one partner sprint and back. 50 cumulative burpees, followed by another set similar deal but 100 merkins and sprinting up and back, and finally 100 carolina dry docks with an up and back sprint. 15 squats in between sets
  • Mosey to playground
  • Max pull-ups with palms away overhead grip, 10 star jacks, and back to the bar to max pull-ups again with palm in underhand grip, following by a last set of new military pulls until fail.
  • Mosey to swings for 10 back presses in cadence
  • Mosey to pavilion, donkey kicks and tysons
  • Mosey to shovel flag for mary
Announcements: Turkey Day workout, Black Friday workout and volunteering at the Allentown Rescue Mission
COT: 6:15AM

Walk In The Park

open house utg

It was a cool 32 degrees this morning in the Swamp.  YHC rolled up around 5:20 am to see if there were any early PAX.  Flame and Open House rolled up.  Neon on the default Q; however, 5:31 am came and went so YHC took the Q.   Short disclosure…You know why you are here, don’t get hurt.


Mosey around the quarter mile track to loosen up the lungs and legs.  By the time we made it around Neon joined us.  Circle up for arm circles, swimmers, trunk twists, SSH, monkey humpers, hill billies, grass pickers, and merkins.

The Thang

I warned the PAX today’s workout would involve lots of mumble chatter and an opportunity to lead an exercise segment.

Round 1 – Indian Run Burpee Train:  Pax slow jog around the loop track; one PAX drop for 5 Burpees, then sprint to catch PAX.

Round 2 – Neon lead us through a series of upper body burning exercises.  Circle up Carolina Dry Docks, Mountain Climbers, and Plank, Peter Parker.

Round 3 – Indian Run SSH Train:  Pax slow jog around the loop track; one PAX stop or 20 SSH, then sprint to catch PAX.

Round 4 – Open house lead through a series of ab burning exercises.  Circle up for crunchy frog, alternating v sit-ups, freddie mercury, alternating side crunches,

Round 5 – Indian Run Mountain Climber Train:  Pax slow jog around the loop track; one PAX stop or 15 Mountain Climbers, then sprint to catch PAX.

Round 6 – Side Shuffle 25 yards left, Side Shuffle 25 yards right, back peddle 50 yards.  15 Crab Cakes.  Turn around go back.  25 yard lunges, stop 13 shoulder tap merkins, 25 yard bear crawl, 50 yard bounding.

Mosey back to the shuffle flag for Mary.

The Main Mumble for this morning was the fact that as men we get in our own heads a lot.  This results in turning ourselves into our worst enemy.  If it persists long enough it can lead to indifference; which is about the worst emotion a man can have.  Even if he hated something, it would be better than not having enough energy to hate something.  Ultimately, as men we are challenged to take a stance on something.  Get off the fence and remember that life; much like a football game is normally won in the 3rd Qtr.  That means us men approaching or in our 40’s need to be digging in.  It’s prime time for us if we plan on leaving a legacy or pattern of winning in life.


Run in place, high knees, butt kickers, and goof balls.

COT: NoRama, CoRama = 4

Lord guide us and give us strength to be the men you’ve created us to be in our homes, families, workplaces, and community.  We also bring special prayers for the Snyder family and their two twin baby boys who will be having lip and tongue surgery today.



Veteran’s Day Murph

This morning 10 men gathered to honor our nation’s veterans with our attempt a “The Murph.”

It goes like this ….

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pull Ups
  • 200 Push Ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 1 Mile Run

Our modification was to attempt this by breaking it into fourths …

  • Run 1 lap (1/2 mile)
  • 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 squats
  • 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 squats
  • 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats

We repeated this four times and then finished with 2 laps for the last mile.

Upon completion and returning to the shovel flag we talked about what a veteran is and we wanted to pay tribute to a veteran in our lives by conducting a “Veteran Name-A-Rama.”

Each PAX said the service members name followed by the branch of service. The PAX repeated the branch of service. Below are the men we honored followed by a video.

  • Ronald Miller – Army
  • Ray Sewicki – Army
  • John Cressman –  Marines
  • Terry Conrad – Navy
  • Roger Spear – Army
  • Luke Tolson – Marines
  • Andrew Boulah – Marines
  • Paul Billman – Air Force
  • Raymond Houtz – Army
  • Thomas Grubb – Army

We also introduced the F3 Lehigh Valley Hall Of Fame log. The PAX passed it around and admired God’s creation that will one day don their names. Can’t wait to engrave the first name on that log.

We also brought out the ruck sack and weight plate to honor Big Wheel, a PAX from F3 Houston that ultimately succumbed to a heart attack. The ruck and plate were auctioned off and Flame was the winner. This ruck and plate will see many miles around the Lehigh Valley and beyond. More to come …


Prayers for Sensei’s son Jackson after contracting Lyme disease. He is doing better now. prayers for the Snyder family after the recent birth of twins. Praise for Tiny Bubbles son who is celebrating 90 days clean and sober and prayers he continues on the right path. Prayers for Flame’s mother in law who is in Thailand on a mission trip to save women and girls from sex trade.

During the prayer I reminded the PAX of the workout we just did and pointed out that Lt. Murphy did this workout on a regular basis. The important part is that he did not do the workout for himself, he did it for others. He prepared himself on a daily basis to fight against the evil in this world and he paid the ultimate sacrifice only after placing others ahead of himself. I call this Living Third and Lt Murphy is a great example of what that means.

Throw Down

5 PAX total attended for a mild morning for the beginning of November


Warm-o-rama -neck rolls, arm circles, huggie bears, abe vigados, SSH, mountain climbers, plank jacks, across the lot butt kickers, high knees

The Thang – took medicine ball along for all exercises

Started with an indian run – man in the back brought med ball around the group one full time, dropped it in the back and sprinted to front. Repeated same except switched from jog to walking lunge then to bear crawl.

Stayed in same line formation and each member in front led for 3 burpees then plank while man in the back weaved through group with med ball overhead to front of line.

Circled up and did AMRAP of 30/20/10 push press, squat, merkin. Broke up AMRAP with passing med ball around and each member doing ten ball slams. After all PAX did 10 ball slams switched AMRAP to ssh, carolina dry dock, scissor lunge with 10 more med ball slams for each member.

Mosey back to beginning passing med ball around.

Mary, C-O-R, N-O-R


Prayer to recognize and throw off the things in life we carry that keep us from God and the men we should be. Prayers for Mr Brady’s co-worker’s son Justin who has cancer and praise for some good things God has already brought out of it.