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Sometimes God seems far away and invisible in your life. This morning was the opposite of that. The High Impact Men of F3 Lehigh Valley converged on the Allentown Rescue Mission for a Labor Day morning to remember. The purpose of this workout is to raise money for the Allentown Rescue Mission who helps so many men get back on their feet. The very light of this organization in this dark world is a reason for hope and encouragement.

Twenty six men, 8 of which are FNGs gathered for a workout to introduce F3 to the men at the rescue mission. Some men showed up early with workout gear to give to those men that showed for the workout. The rest of the gear was collected and distributed to men who signed up for a future workout.

Uptown Girl started the event on time with an introduction to F3 that included the mission, core principles and disclaimer. At the point Flame took over for the warm up that started with a mosey to a nearby soccer field. The warm up then included SSHs, arm circles, huggie bears, monkey humpers, and merkins. The Q torch was then passed to Neon for the Thang.

The Thang

Mosey to the sideline of the field. A series of traverses across the field included bear craw, crab walks and backward run. We then circled up for some more punishment including plank jacks, shoulder taps, and merkins. We moseyed back to the shovel flag for a few minutes of Mary.

Uptown Girl then closed up with announcements, Count-A-Rama (26 PAX) and Name-A-Rama.

The whole group then joined the rescue mission for breakfast and fellowship. We offered F3 to some guys and 8 guys signed up for future workouts. These workouts will be setup with the rescue mission according to their schedule.

After breakfast raffle tickets were sold for a chance at prizes. The winners were:

Allentown Rescue Mission T-Shirt: Hurricane

Allentown Rescue Mission Sweatshirt: Cooter

F3 Shirt: Billy Ray

Wawa shortie gift cards (4): Sensei

Wawa shortie gift cards (2): Thing 1

Burpee Challenge winner (Allentown Rescue Mission Sweatshirt): Sensei


Burpee Challenge

We then conducted the burpee challenge. The men were asked in advance to get sponsors for their burpees with a suggestion of $1/burpee. The challenge lasted for 15 minutes and 14 men participated. By the looks of some of the pictures it was joyful. When it was all said and done these 14 men completed 1909 burpees in 15 mintues. Amazing. For those counting here is the tally:

  • Thing 1: 155
  • Dr. Suess: 100
  • Cooter: 108
  • Colombia: 171
  • Sensei: 223
  • Uptown Girl: 157
  • Drop Box: 100
  • Neon: 201
  • Tree Hugger: 205
  • Mulligan: 75
  • Zebra: 115
  • Tiny Bubbles: 101
  • Capone: 138
  • Slim: 60

The total raised by the burpee challenge, ticket sales and donations is $3119!

At the end of the day men will be helped in a big way by the event this morning.


Oh, Beehive!

Workout Date: 08/19/17


Surprised about this one since I thought I was Q-ing on 8/26, not 8/19. A reminder that we all need to be prepared and ready for action. Like the Minutemen of the American Revolutionary War. These guys were civilian colonists who independently organized to form well-prepared militia companies self-trained in weaponry, tactics, and military strategies from the American colonial partisan militia. They were also known for being ready at a minute’s notice, hence the name. Are we ready, or will we be caught asleep at our posts?

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.


Capri Lap, Sun God, Abe Vigoda, Copperhead Squat, Doggie Paddle


  1. 4 x 4s: Burpee, 4 Merkins and 4 Mountain Climbers
  2. Six Pack: 1 pull-up, 5 dips, 2 pull-ups, 4 dips, etc. Then reverse.
  3. Route 66: 1 Burpee, run, 2 Burpees, run, etc. until we reached 11 Burpees (for a total of 66)


Around the circle we’re each PAX (x13) chose our favorite ab ex.


Neon, NOx, Phase 1 (FNG – NOx proud pappa), Tiny Bubbles, Dr. Seuss, Beaker, Luigi, Cooter, Mulligan (FNG – Zebra proud pappa), Zebra and Rock Star (plus 2 more PAX I can’t remember right now). Repeated announcement for the Lake Champion men’s retreat for this October where F3 will be doing its Thang. Sign up for Manniversary and soup kitchen.



August 5, 2017

Introduction: Disclaimer – F3 is always outdoors, rotationally led, men only, ends with a circle of trust, and each man is responsible for his own workout, so the exercises may be modified as needed.

Warm-O-Rama: Modified shuttle with jogging, high knees, butt-kickers, “open/close the gate” side shuffle, carioca, bending, jumping and backwards jogging and sprinting.  PAX then moseyed to park outbuilding for two sets of descending planks held for a 10 count. BTTW sets were interrupted by the most ridiculous Indian run ever.  PAX performed a line of inch worm exercises while the Six duck-walked to the front. It quacked me up ( I should have shot a video).

This was followed by exercises in cadence including: Abe Vigodas, side straddle hops, seal jacks, American hammers, plank punches, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, cobra, superman stretch, and some crazy back-twisting yoga pose that defied the laws of physics.

The Thang: “Treasure Hunt” Q referenced Matt 6:19-21, “. . . where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” Q encouraged PAX to add some treasure to their chests, literally and figuratively by exercising and memorizing the inspirational/ motivational quotes found in the treasure chest at one end of the field.  Much to the chagrin of the passing train that attempted to obfuscate all instructions, Q explained the cross-field partner exercises which were also printed on folding chairs at each end of the field.  Cross-field exercises one way included: bear crawl, crab walk, hopping, lunges, backward jogging, imperial walkers, and Frankensteins. Opposite cross-field exercise was 30-30-30, ie. jogging, running, sprinting.  Exercises at the opposite end of the field from the treasure chest were Burpees, Merkins, LBC’s, star jacks, reverse crunches, and squats.

PAX then moseyed back to shovel flag for CoT.
CoT: count-o-rama, name-o-rama, naming of FNG, announcements and prayer requests.

Chicken Wisdom: “A truly rich man is one whose children runs into his arms when his hands are empty.” “Life is about impact, not income.” “Most men are not living their dreams because they are living their fears.” “If you want to build yourself up, build somebody else up first.” “You cannot cross an ocean without first losing sight of the shore.” “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why.” “The will to act is primary, the rest is mere tenacity.” “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Joshua 1:9, Hebrews 12:1, Philippians 4:13, and Isaiah 40:31.


Workout date: 08/01/2017

Theme verse: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2.  After the disclaimer, Q quoted this verse to PAX who were then assigned a portion of Philippians 4:8 to recite during the warm-up in order to orient their minds towards things that the apostle Paul says bring peace of mind.

Warm-O-Rama: PAX began with simplified Beckenbauer warm-up consisting of jogging, shuffling, skipping, bending, jumping, high knees, butt kickers, backwards jogging and sprinting back and forth across the parking lot.  At each end of the lot, PAX recited their portion of Philippians 4:8.

This was followed by cadence exercises including: Vigodas (Windmills), side-straddle-hops (jumping jacks), seal jacks, American hammers, Alabama ass kickers, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, shoulder taps, plank punches, and superman stretches.

The Thang: PAX moseyed to the picnic pavilion of pain for a station workout called “Dr. Seuss’s basement” or “AAA” (abs, arms, and aerobics).  Abs exercises consisted of six inches side-to-side, the ab slide, and LBC’s. Arms exercises consisted of dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, and Merkins (push-ups). Aerobic stations included suicides with burpees, jump rope, and a punching bag.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to hang the bag, bag was attached securely to the pavilion rafters and PAX were serenaded by the pounding beat of gloves to vinyl and music in the background.

CoT: Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, then Q and PAX reiterated the importance of Phil 4:8 – “Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things.” Q prayed for shared requests.

Chicken Wisdom: “Laugh frankly and timely
If you love your heart and mind,
Work and exercise necessarily
If you love your brain and body.” – Muzahidul Reza


Knock Nox and Run like you knocked over a Bee Hive

SATURDAY – JULY 29, 2017      QIC:  Uptown Girl

A welcoming serenade to the PAX was played to lift the early morning gloom.  There are only two things in life!  Energy and Matter.  If you have the energy,  the challenges of life won’t matter.  Our creator has given us a wonderful gift!

Cowboy Wisdom:  “Choose your thoughts wisely.  They are what you become. ”

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.


Mosey around the parking lot.  Circle up. Sun Gods, Grass Pickers, Abe Vogoda, , SSH, Hillbillies, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and maybe some more stuff like robots.  Also did series of agility work like high knee, kick butt, Karoke, suffle, back pedal, sprint)


Part 1 –  Every Pax grabs a weight; except for 1.  Pax in single file line; doing death march.  Person in front of line calls the weight movement (i.e. overhead press, lunges, shuffle,  broad jump, backwards run, high knees, butt kicks).  Last person in the line without the weight drops and does 5 burpees, then sprints to front of line after picking pick up weight from guy last in line.

Do full lap around the park; goal is to get every Pax member at least 5 burpees and 1/2 mile, and some sprinting.

Part 2 – Mosey to pavilion.  12 pull-ups, 1 Burpee, 11 pull-ups, 2 Burpees, 10 pull-ups, 3 burpees.  All the way down to 1 pull-up and 12 Burpees.  (modify with hangs and merkins)

Part 3 – Mosey with weight to baseball field, partner up.  Partner 1 runs the base with the weight.   Partner 2 starts merkins AYG. Next set, Running Man, Human chair overhead clap.  To add to intensity.  first lap partner  1 runs bases with weight, 3 rd lap partner lunges with weight, 5th lap run backwards with weight.


No time…  Bummer!.


Count-O-Rama:  11

Name-O-Rama:  Two FNG’s.  Smashing Atoms (Jeremy Christian) and Open House (M M )

Praise God for Columbia’s new baby girl (Emmanula) and the ministry of F3.  The men who have come to lead over the last 11 months.  Help us spread the goodnews throughout the Lehigh Valley and bring lasting hope and help to the Allentown Rescue Mission on Saturday, Sept. 4 as we celebrate our Manniverary.    We ever a man is; he needs the help of us father and brothers.  Lift up Hurricane in his search for career advancement as well as the many of men struggling in their relationship with their M.  (Billy Rae, R, Justin, Jeremiah, Ryan, Adam).  We also pray for  Tiny Bubbles son who’s is battling addition.  (Second time in Rehab)