Strength, Speed, Power, & Pain

Dynamic Warm-up


Jog to pavilion

  1.  Pull-ups max reps followed by box jumps-20 reps
  2. Pull-ups max reps followed by step-ups 20 (4 count)
  3. Chin-ups max reps followed by single leg pistol squats (10 each leg)
  4. Pull-ups any variety max reps followed by lateral jumps over partner holding plank hand plank position.  Each left right jump equals one rep

Speed/High Intensity

Jog to football field

  1. Sprint from corner of football field to other corner (about 120+ yards), jog to other corner, sprint again to far corner (120+ yards), then jog back. Finish with 30 push-ups.
  2. Repeat sprint/jog sequence/30 sit-ups
  3. Repeat sprint jog sequence /30 squats
  4. Repeat sprint jog sequence/plank hold count of ten per each pax member (around 100 seconds)

Animal Strength

Start at goal line go to 50 yard line (50 yards) complete the following:

  • bear crawls
  • side-ways bear crawls
  • forward crabwalks
  • backwards crabwalks
  • ape traverse left
  • ape traverse right

Core Strength

Completed the following exercises for a count of 10 by each pax member around 120 count:

  • hand plank
  • opposite leg and arm extended w/other knee/ hand on ground
  •  side plank w/switch at halfway
  • table plank
  • superman for halfway/ banana hold for second half
  • elbow plank finish

Spring Training

It was a mild December day with temps akin to those in spring for some heavy breathing on the baseball diamond. The matutinal activities commenced with a mosey through parking down to baseball field.

Side straddle hops, lunges, squats, goofballs, arm circles, Spiderman Merkins, monkey Humpers galore
The Thang
Partner up for three innings!
Inning one: partner runs around the bases while other partner at home does Burpee’s for a team cumulative of 50
Inning two: Running and a cumulative of 80 Carolina Dry docks
Inning three: bear crawl to first and onto second, then crab walk to third and home
Circle up for a round of legs led by each of the pax
Mosey to jungle gym
Max out pull ups, Mountain climbers, max out assisted pull-ups
Mosey back to shovel flag for a round of glorious mary

Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama: 6

Announcements & Prayers: Upcoming workouts, Allentown Rescue Mission 12/6/17 and prayers for Uptown Girl step father who is undergoing survey 12/7

COT: 6:15AM

Stung at the Hive – Nov 25

On the day prior to the workout the texts rolled across Neon’s cell from the Site Q and other F3 big wigs with excused absences for the following day’s workout. The only one without a doctor’s note was Neon.

Despite the holiday weekend and turkey hangovers, 9 posted to the Hive looking for a stinging workout.

After the shovel flag was set and disclaimer issued the PAX got to it.


Mosey to the ball field for multiple laps, shuffling, running backwards, and high kneeing around the diamond. The PAX circled up around the pitcher’s mound for standard fare of the warmup variety: arm circles, sun gods, monkey humpers, plank jacks, Peter Parkers.
Boo-boo volunteered to lead the 0.0 and recruited his big brother.
The rest swarmed after Neon to the pavilion
Its was a bit chilly so Neon had compassion for his PAX and made sure they kept warm with a pull-up / burpee ladder. 10 pull-ups and 1 burpees, then 9 pull-ups and 2 burpees until pull-ups reduced to 1 and burpees increased to 10. The PAX took turns in leading a leg stinging set between the pulls and burpees.
Mosey to the building with a line up on the outer wall for people’s chair, balls to the wall and donkey kick. Mosey!
PAX huddled up on the edge of the football field for another ladder exercise – 10 crab cakes, a bear crawl up the hill and 1 dry dock. 10 sets were done followed by a mosey back to the shovel flag where they was a dealer’s choice of abs.
Count-o-rama/Name-o-rama: 9
Announcements: Upcoming workouts and Dec 6 and Dec 13 at Allentown Rescue Missions
COT: 7:30 AM

Black Friday Convergence at the Pond

On a day when hordes of people are descending upon retail outlets all over Pennsylvania to blow cash on big screens, toaster ovens and shop vacs, 9 high impact men met on a frigid (24 degrees) morning to push each other to be better, and spend some of those much earned calories from yesterday’s feast.  This was a convergence with Lehigh Valley PAX, and much thanks to Neon, Beaker and Flame for making the trip out to the frozen Tundra of Fleetwood Park.

Flame led us off with the Disclosure, then a mosey down around the fitness trip finishing at the volleyball court for..

Warmarama:  arm circles, moroccan night clubs, MH’s, merkins, mountain climbers…Flame passes the baton to YHC for..

Thang 1:   Black Friday Ball Blitz:   2 teams, 7 stations (stores) with a ball in each store representing our Black Friday deals, on each ball is an exercise and rep count….

1 runner from each team runs to a “store” and retrieves a ball for the group, everyone on team performs the exercise…switch runner and continue until all balls retrieved team members hold plank while runner gets ball…

winning team does 10 burpees, losing team 20 burpees…

exercises:    25 merkins, 2 laps around fitness track, 10 pullups, 10 lunges (each leg), 20 jump squats, bear crawl to second cone and crawl bear back, 10 burpees…

Treehugger takes over as Q…


Thang 2:  Turkey Jousting

PAX form a circle, 2 “turkeys” in center in squat position trying to force other turkey down, winner stays for another battels….

PAX on outside circle performing copperhead squats

Bogey takes over for…

Thang 3:  People’s Chair and BTTW

People’s Chair:  hold position and peform air claps while PAX take turns counting to 5, back around other direction still counting off by five but peforming punches..

BTTW competition:  Count ascending numbers as PAX come down until one final guy “standing”

Mosey back to shovel flag for ABS….around the horn as PAX pick the exercise



Where’s my socks?

It was 5:22 AM and the Q’s pregame consisted of a doggy dig through the laundry room for clean socks. There was no counting involved, just bad words, but at least 50 reps were done. In his hand were the socks of the M, 2.o, 2.1 and 2.2 — but not his. Finally, two socks appeared at the bottom, they didn’t match but they fit.

Workout kicked off at 5:31 AM with mini disclosure and Warm-o-rama:

  • mosey down to street
  • arm circles, sun gods, ssd’s, front lunges, merkins, shoulder taps
  • shuffle, backwards run, shuffle, power skip down the lane
The Thang
Partner up for 3 sets; one partner sprint and back. 50 cumulative burpees, followed by another set similar deal but 100 merkins and sprinting up and back, and finally 100 carolina dry docks with an up and back sprint. 15 squats in between sets
  • Mosey to playground
  • Max pull-ups with palms away overhead grip, 10 star jacks, and back to the bar to max pull-ups again with palm in underhand grip, following by a last set of new military pulls until fail.
  • Mosey to swings for 10 back presses in cadence
  • Mosey to pavilion, donkey kicks and tysons
  • Mosey to shovel flag for mary
Announcements: Turkey Day workout, Black Friday workout and volunteering at the Allentown Rescue Mission
COT: 6:15AM