Stung at the Hive – Nov 25

On the day prior to the workout the texts rolled across Neon’s cell from the Site Q and other F3 big wigs with excused absences for the following day’s workout. The only one without a doctor’s note was Neon.

Despite the holiday weekend and turkey hangovers, 9 posted to the Hive looking for a stinging workout.

After the shovel flag was set and disclaimer issued the PAX got to it.


Mosey to the ball field for multiple laps, shuffling, running backwards, and high kneeing around the diamond. The PAX circled up around the pitcher’s mound for standard fare of the warmup variety: arm circles, sun gods, monkey humpers, plank jacks, Peter Parkers.
Boo-boo volunteered to lead the 0.0 and recruited his big brother.
The rest swarmed after Neon to the pavilion
Its was a bit chilly so Neon had compassion for his PAX and made sure they kept warm with a pull-up / burpee ladder. 10 pull-ups and 1 burpees, then 9 pull-ups and 2 burpees until pull-ups reduced to 1 and burpees increased to 10. The PAX took turns in leading a leg stinging set between the pulls and burpees.
Mosey to the building with a line up on the outer wall for people’s chair, balls to the wall and donkey kick. Mosey!
PAX huddled up on the edge of the football field for another ladder exercise – 10 crab cakes, a bear crawl up the hill and 1 dry dock. 10 sets were done followed by a mosey back to the shovel flag where they was a dealer’s choice of abs.
Count-o-rama/Name-o-rama: 9
Announcements: Upcoming workouts and Dec 6 and Dec 13 at Allentown Rescue Missions
COT: 7:30 AM

Oh..SNAP More Conversational Burpees

It was a balmy 47% degrees this morning.   No need to for a winter hat.  YHC disclosed the PAX and told them they know who we are and not to get hurt.  Modify as needed!  The opening thought was that getting new guys to a workout is usually not a problem, the challenge we’ve been speaking about as an F3 leadership team is how to get guys to keep coming out.  The group consensus was 1 Part MUMBLE CHATTER AND 2nd Part INTENTIONAL ENERGY.  That said, workouts need conversation, purpose and value beyond more burpees and making guys puke.  This will require a little more thought to bring these components to our workouts.


Arm circles, trunk twist, abe vogoda, grass pickers, monkey humpers, merkins, SSH. High knees, butt kicks, shuffle left, shuffle right, Frankenstein, toe lunges, back pedal, and burst.


The Thang

The intention of today’s workout is to provide PAX opportunity to Mumble Chatter while getting a great workout.  I expected at least 15 minutes of light chatter over the course of a Burpee Mile.  Since guys are normally pretty bad at speaking of anything significant to life; I provided categories of conversation. (3 P’s – Problem, Praise, Project).  Most of us are masters at small talking sports, weather, or world news.  The goal is reaching deeper into the parts of life that we have influence.

Part 1 – Burpee Mile – conversational PAX run .25 mile, stop for 12 burpees all together.

Part 2- Bearpees – Bear crawl 4 steps, stop 1 burpee, repeat across basketball court.  Return across basketball court 4 steps, 2 burpees.

Part 3 – Mucho Chesto – Abyss Merkins, Derkins, Urkins military style elbow close to body, Annie floor cleans with a merkin in between.


WWI sit-ups,  Knee to Chest with bottom leg raised, Windshield Wipers, Homer Marge, Flutter Kicks


CoRama = 3

Ball of Man

Giving thanks for the ability to get up early and push ourselves.  Praying for some of our PAX struggling with family matters.  Praying for co-workers with medical challenges.  Praise for Beaker’s son’s marriage out in Michigan coming ups December 16.  And the SNAP; which is the re-branding of the Food Stamps program.  Special thanks to Mr. Brady for bringing and application so I can help a family member evaluate public benefits that he might qualify.  A little mumble chatter goes a long way!

Veteran’s Day Murph

This morning 10 men gathered to honor our nation’s veterans with our attempt a “The Murph.”

It goes like this ….

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pull Ups
  • 200 Push Ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 1 Mile Run

Our modification was to attempt this by breaking it into fourths …

  • Run 1 lap (1/2 mile)
  • 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 squats
  • 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 squats
  • 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats

We repeated this four times and then finished with 2 laps for the last mile.

Upon completion and returning to the shovel flag we talked about what a veteran is and we wanted to pay tribute to a veteran in our lives by conducting a “Veteran Name-A-Rama.”

Each PAX said the service members name followed by the branch of service. The PAX repeated the branch of service. Below are the men we honored followed by a video.

  • Ronald Miller – Army
  • Ray Sewicki – Army
  • John Cressman –  Marines
  • Terry Conrad – Navy
  • Roger Spear – Army
  • Luke Tolson – Marines
  • Andrew Boulah – Marines
  • Paul Billman – Air Force
  • Raymond Houtz – Army
  • Thomas Grubb – Army

We also introduced the F3 Lehigh Valley Hall Of Fame log. The PAX passed it around and admired God’s creation that will one day don their names. Can’t wait to engrave the first name on that log.

We also brought out the ruck sack and weight plate to honor Big Wheel, a PAX from F3 Houston that ultimately succumbed to a heart attack. The ruck and plate were auctioned off and Flame was the winner. This ruck and plate will see many miles around the Lehigh Valley and beyond. More to come …


Prayers for Sensei’s son Jackson after contracting Lyme disease. He is doing better now. prayers for the Snyder family after the recent birth of twins. Praise for Tiny Bubbles son who is celebrating 90 days clean and sober and prayers he continues on the right path. Prayers for Flame’s mother in law who is in Thailand on a mission trip to save women and girls from sex trade.

During the prayer I reminded the PAX of the workout we just did and pointed out that Lt. Murphy did this workout on a regular basis. The important part is that he did not do the workout for himself, he did it for others. He prepared himself on a daily basis to fight against the evil in this world and he paid the ultimate sacrifice only after placing others ahead of himself. I call this Living Third and Lt Murphy is a great example of what that means.

Here Be Dragons



6 PAX + 1 FNG posted for a clear and moonlit workout on this last day of daylight savings time. We’re looking forward to brighter workouts in the near future!

Warm-a-rama: Arm circles, Huggy Bears, Abe Vigoda, Smurf Jacks, Hillbillies, Monkey Humpers, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers

Part of the mission of F3 is to invigorate male community leadership. In order to better lead we must first lead ourselves, which includes fighting three different tendencies, characterized by a 3-headed dragon. So, these dragons were introduced throughout the workout…

The Thang:

  • Moseyed to the long building were we commenced with Ascending Testicles (Derkins at 15 and 45 degrees and then full BTTW) followed by a Dirty Hookup (plank facing wall: 1. R hand on wall, 2. L hand on wall, 3. R hand to ground, 4. L hand to ground). We then settled into a comfortable People’s Chair to hear about our first dragon…

The Dragon of Doubt tells lies & half truths; it has us believing we are trapped in our situations and defeated; ultimately it has us second-guessing God’s goodness. We fight this dragon with Truth.

  • Moseyed to the football field and learned about the second dragon…

The Dragon of Apathy lulls us to sleep. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” We fight this dragon with intentionality; go on offensive.

  • So, we shook off any sleepiness with a rousing round of Red Barchetta (ran to specified yard line, did exercise, ran back to start point and planked for Six: 100 yard/100 SSH; 75 yard/75 Mountain Climber; 50 yard/50 LBC; 25 yard/25 Merkin; 10 yard/10 Burpee). We completed this event with an extra credit challenge of doing a Staggered Merkin Crawl from the 10-yard line back to start.
  • Moseyed to a pavilion for a modified Morning Call (all but 1 PAX in Dip position; 1 PAX called out 5 Pull-ups; PAX did a Dip for each Pull-up; stayed in Dip until all called 5 Pull-ups)
  • Moseyed to the baseball field and learned about the last dragon…

The Dragon of Lust gives us false promises of fulfillment from our selfish desire for sex, power, fame, or fortune. We fight this dragon with sacrificial love.

  • Round of Global Warming with Dealer’s Choice thrown in (Al Gore position while shuffle in circle; call out exercise – T pushups, Bobby Hurley, Log rolls, and maybe some other exercises I can’t remember…)
  • We completed our Thang with Plank Hurdles across the baseball field back to the shovel flag: 2 groups of 3-4 PAX; 1st sprint 10 yard/plank, 2nd sprint/hurdle 20 yard/plank, etc. Last in line alternated groups to keep the progress fairly even.

All arrived safely back at the shovel flag without tripping over planked PAX and falling on their face.

With this being YHC’s first Q at the Bee Hive which is 15 minutes longer than the Trojan, not quite enough material was planned so we had some extra time for Mary…

Mary: Starfish Crunch, LBCs, James Bonds, Shoulder Taps, Best Stretch Ever, and some other exercises I also forgot.

COT: Flame will Q next week’s Veteran’s Day workout, Opportunity to serve on 13-Nov moving boxes for Operation Christmas Child, plans will be made for F3 to serve 2 meals between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Allentown Rescue Mission.

And last, but certainly not least, we welcomed our FNG, brought by Neon, into F3 and gave him the moniker, Elsa. He now joins the elite company of some of our other gender-confused but proud PAX.

Throw Down

5 PAX total attended for a mild morning for the beginning of November


Warm-o-rama -neck rolls, arm circles, huggie bears, abe vigados, SSH, mountain climbers, plank jacks, across the lot butt kickers, high knees

The Thang – took medicine ball along for all exercises

Started with an indian run – man in the back brought med ball around the group one full time, dropped it in the back and sprinted to front. Repeated same except switched from jog to walking lunge then to bear crawl.

Stayed in same line formation and each member in front led for 3 burpees then plank while man in the back weaved through group with med ball overhead to front of line.

Circled up and did AMRAP of 30/20/10 push press, squat, merkin. Broke up AMRAP with passing med ball around and each member doing ten ball slams. After all PAX did 10 ball slams switched AMRAP to ssh, carolina dry dock, scissor lunge with 10 more med ball slams for each member.

Mosey back to beginning passing med ball around.

Mary, C-O-R, N-O-R


Prayer to recognize and throw off the things in life we carry that keep us from God and the men we should be. Prayers for Mr Brady’s co-worker’s son Justin who has cancer and praise for some good things God has already brought out of it.