Snakes in a pavilion


Abe Vigoda, arm circles, stretches, SSH, goofballs, squats, more stretches

The Thang

Snake in and out of the benches (1 round)
Round o merkins

Snake in and out of the benches (2 rounds)
Round o squats, bobby Hurley, lunges, one legged squats, one legged deadlifts

Snake in and out of the benches (3 rounds)
Dips, balls to the wall, donkey kicks

Snake in and out of the benches (4 rounds)
Dips, Round o burpees





Saturday at the Bee Hive Oct 7, 2017

With several of the PAX retreating to Lake Champion, Neon got the call pinch hit on a Saturday. Attendance was still solid and we had an FNG, “Kittyhawk” who later fessed up to being Dr. Seuss’ offspring
Mosey, SSD, arm circles, reverse lunges, merkins, lunges
Mosey and The THANG!
Run, shuffle, power skip, karaoke, run backwards, high knees, butt kicks
Run to pavilion
Pullup / burpees ladder (10 & 1)
Interval work lead by Capone: swing press, merkins, squats
Return to Shovel flag…
Wheels barrows
bear crawls
Name-o-rama / Count-o-rama: 10
COT: 6:30AM

Back In The Saddle

back in saddle

Just about done nursing this ankle injury. While it’s a drag not being a 100%; it could be worse. YHC decided it’s time to give this ankle a good test.

Disclosure – Don’t get hurt, you know why you are here! No FNG’s. Shame on us.

Warmarama – mosey to baseball field, circle up. Arm circles, Ab Vagoda, Grass Pickers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Hill Billies, SSH.

The Thang
1. Baseball – Teams of 2 or more go to each base (80 reps combined count each base). You earn a run for completing reps count at each base. Team with most runs wins at end of 10 minutes.

Home – Burpees
1st Base = Merkins
2nd Base = Squats
3rd Base = Crunchy Frog

2. Basketball – mosey to basketball court. Keep partners.

25 monkey humpers – cross court in Partner Wheel Barrow – SSH for 6
Cross Back same way
25 monkey humpers – cross court in Partner Carry – SSH for 6
Cross Back
25 monkey humpers – cross court in Back to Back Walk – SSH for 6

3. Cross Fit (Griff) – Mosey to tree of life! Same partners.

Partner 1 – two laps around the tree of life sprinting forward while Partner 2 – one lap around the tree of life running backwards. SSH until 6.
Everyone forward crab walk to Tree of Life
10 count each PAX balls to wall
Everyone backward crab walk back to track


Mr. Brady contributes American Hammers (1 min)
Zena contributes Cross Leg Planks (1 min)
Petri contributes Freddie Mercury (1 min)
Beaker contributes Lazy Boys w/ Twist (1min)
Lugi contributes High Knees (1min)
Uptown contributes Single Leg Kicks Front and Back (30 seconds)


Praise God for all the encouragement Zena received to go to Lake Champion this weekend. Keep all the men of F3 save this weekend on the Retreat and back home. May we all grow closer to each other and God where ever we are.