Will Power

19-Oct-2017 Trojan Workout

6 PAX posted to the Trojan under a starry sky.

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk (e.g., if you trip over a skunk) and full liability. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.

Mosey to park entrance

Day’s Thought: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” Viktor Frankl, holocaust survivor.

Another virtue of manhood is Will Power – responding to circumstances in a manner that makes the most of the situation; delay gratification; make decisions against yourself; self-denial. Discipline begets discipline.

Warm-a-rama: Arm circles, Abe Vigoda, Moroccan Nightclub, Imperial Walker, Monkey Humpers, Copperhead squat, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers

The Thang:

Basic Indian Run to playground

  • 2 groups: 1: Inverted rows on swing (30) and Ab roll outs (30); 2: Burp-ups (~10) and Derkins (15)
  • Russian Dips (30)

Mosey to parking lot

  • Wheel of Animal Walk across parking lot: Frog hop/10 Werkin; Bear Crawl/10 Merkin w/ L hand forward; Duck Walk/10 Diamond Merkin; Crab Walk, 10 Merkin w/ R hand forward

Uptown Girl imparted a life survival skill during the bear crawl – if a bear is chasing you, run downhill since a bear runs more slowly downhill; this was verified by Uptown Girl’s observation during a Bear Crawl at the Swamp.  YHC thinks all you need to worry about is being able to run faster than your companion which is an incentive to post to F3 workouts!

Mary: Dolly, Freddie Mercury, Flutter Kicks, Reverse Crunch, Alternate Toe Touch, Starfish Crunch

Truth nugget: “The secret to not sinning is not “not sinning” but to dream more – you need a vision for your life bigger and better than selfish ambition.”

COT: Announcements, Praise/Pray Requests, Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, Prayer (Leading for Zena with some decisions; Reliable vehicle for Petri and provisions as he and his M travel).

From the Field Manual

Workout October 17, 2017

For the first workout in a long time the game time temp was in the 30s. Only 6 denied the warmth of the fartsack and were rewarded with a page from the Army field manual for “Circuit Training & Exercise Drills.”

While the Q, Neon, likes to cut his arrivals close and he was five minutes late but with an excuse note from Craftsman for his malfunctioning garage door. Also arriving late to the party with a note from his momma was Capone, whose note read something about a flat tire (its hard to read crayon writing in the dark).


Mosey, circle up and squat benders, cross country skiers, monkey humpers, and SSDs. A little plank work followed: dive bomber pushups, Peter Parkers, mountain climbers and shoulder taps.

The Thang

The PAX kicked into high gear with a lap around the loop; bear crawls, sprint, bear crawls and sprint home. Followed by another lap; burpee broad jumps, sprint, crab walk and mosey to pavilion

Under the pavilion lights the PAX worked on their beach muscles with derkins, lunges, dips, and imperial squats galore.

Mosey to the playground for maxing out on the back press and pullups and back to the pavilion for Mary.

Countarama / Namearama: 6

Announcements: Second F event at 1760 Pub Wed 10/18 at 5

Inspiration: Capone shared his reading of Philippians 4: 8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

COT: 6:15 AM

A Glorious Workout

Round 1 Part 1 (baseball field) Partner-up 200 push-ups total, one person does push-ups until partner makes his way around the bases carrying bucket of stone, two plates (25s, 35s, or 45s), or single or double sandbag. Part 2: repeat the same with 200 squats.
Round 2: run to playground, then partner-up in groups of 3 to do pull-up/burpee ladder (one person in group does 1 pull-up other do 1 burpee then switch until everyone does one, and the progress to 2 each and so forth to 10 or 10 minutes whatever comes first.
Round 3 part 1: run to football field partner-up; then one person starts with Spider-Man crawls to the 50 yard line while partner does 10 mile kicks; once partner does 10 he switches with his partner and partner does mule kicks until the 50 yard line is reached. Part 2: crab walk to end zone while partner does 10 high jumps repeat back and forth in same progression as above. Part 3: ape crawls to 50 yard line while partner does 20 sit-ups repeat same progression back and forth, Part 4 bear crawl/hold plank for 30 sec.
Finish last 5 min. with circle up of various abs exercises (each person calls one out for 10 count with or without cadence)