The Master Blaster

38 degrees, clear morning…time for a Treehugger beat down.

-disclosure (issued while moseying to playground )… wasting no time

-Master Blaster:  the master of each exercises leads the count,

and the exercise continues until the last PAX falls off…this is

the new master….3 sets of each exercise, master picks exercise…

ssh in between sets for cool down

exercise 1:   Merkins (reg, wide, diamond)

exercise 2:   Prisoner Squats

exercise 3:    WW1s

mosey back


A Glorious Workout

Round 1 Part 1 (baseball field) Partner-up 200 push-ups total, one person does push-ups until partner makes his way around the bases carrying bucket of stone, two plates (25s, 35s, or 45s), or single or double sandbag. Part 2: repeat the same with 200 squats.
Round 2: run to playground, then partner-up in groups of 3 to do pull-up/burpee ladder (one person in group does 1 pull-up other do 1 burpee then switch until everyone does one, and the progress to 2 each and so forth to 10 or 10 minutes whatever comes first.
Round 3 part 1: run to football field partner-up; then one person starts with Spider-Man crawls to the 50 yard line while partner does 10 mile kicks; once partner does 10 he switches with his partner and partner does mule kicks until the 50 yard line is reached. Part 2: crab walk to end zone while partner does 10 high jumps repeat back and forth in same progression as above. Part 3: ape crawls to 50 yard line while partner does 20 sit-ups repeat same progression back and forth, Part 4 bear crawl/hold plank for 30 sec.
Finish last 5 min. with circle up of various abs exercises (each person calls one out for 10 count with or without cadence)


New style burpees

Warmarama: ssh x20, monkey h’s x 15, MC’s x15
-Mucho chesto (merkins/10, wide merks/10, diamond merks/10,
Stagger left/10, stagger right/10)
-High knees across parking lot, butt kickers back,
-50 percent run across, 75 percent back
-One more round of Mucho chesto
mosey to pull-ups
-morning call (pax 1 pullup/squat) (rest of pax
Keep pace of count with merkins)
-pavilion: prisoner cell burpees x 20
-bear crawl from pavilion around bathroom building and
Meet at wall for…
-people’s chair
-bttw…hold plank once you come down
-back to pavilion for abs and finish with
Pull-ups to failure
-Mosey back to shovel flag