New style burpees

Warmarama: ssh x20, monkey h’s x 15, MC’s x15
-Mucho chesto (merkins/10, wide merks/10, diamond merks/10,
Stagger left/10, stagger right/10)
-High knees across parking lot, butt kickers back,
-50 percent run across, 75 percent back
-One more round of Mucho chesto
mosey to pull-ups
-morning call (pax 1 pullup/squat) (rest of pax
Keep pace of count with merkins)
-pavilion: prisoner cell burpees x 20
-bear crawl from pavilion around bathroom building and
Meet at wall for…
-people’s chair
-bttw…hold plank once you come down
-back to pavilion for abs and finish with
Pull-ups to failure
-Mosey back to shovel flag

Fleetwood strong

4 strong, beautiful 61 degree morning for a little beat down bonding.
Stay in parking lot for shuttle runs…back and forth with
burpees on each return trip…5, 7, 9, 11, 13…
Mosey to pullup bars
“Morning call”: P1 calls out his pullup reps, rest of pax match
With merkins…go thru all pax then repeat
-gather under pavilion for:
dips, box jumps, abs, irkins, derkins, copperhead squats
Head over to bathroom building for people’s chair/ bttw
-during people’s chair we each shared a bible verse that
challenged us
mosey back to flag for abs