Rucking Around

As a last minute fill in Q there was nothing prepared for this morning’s workout. I was as lost as the PAX. I have no clue what I am doing. Where am I? Oh Crap!

Good thing I am a High Impact Man and able to “Q on the fly.”


Jog to the lower end of the park for the warm up. We did arm circles, huggy bears, Moroccan night clubs, monkey humpers, merkins, and bent over stretch.

The Thang

Moved to the wall for a series of The People’s Chair. We started with overhead arm claps in The People’s Chair position, then while holding that we passed the ruck down the line and back. Recover.

Back to  The People’s Chair. This time we did foot raises while holding  The People’s Chair, and passed the ruck again. Recover.

Moved to the basketball court. All PAX lunged to mid court while the first PAX was carrying the ruck. At half court the ruck was passed to the second, this continued until all PAX carried the ruck.

Moved to the octagon pavilion for more punishment.


Passed the ruck around the circle while holding plank to the left then back to the right.

Then each PAX flung the ruck to the center and passed to the left and then back around to the right.

We did a round of LBC, each PAX did 5 with the ruck then passed.

We then did a round of WW1 situps and each PAX did 5 with the ruck then passed.

While sitting on the stage with feet extended the first PAX placed the ruck on the feet of the second and sprinted to the end. Then the second place it on the third and sprinted to the end, etc. until all PAX ‘held’ the ruck.

Time for Dips and Merkins !

10 Dips in cadence.

10 Irkins in cadence

10 Dips in cadence

10 Derkins in cadence

Plyometric Merkins that is. Start in the wide grip position, do 1 pushup and “jump” to a regular grip merking, the to a close grip merkin, then to a diamond merkin, repeato until you do 10 each.

We then traveled back to the shovel flag with an fast Indian walk. The first guy carried the ruck until it was his turn to run to the front at which time he passed the ruck to the guy behind him. We did this until all pax carried the ruck.

Back at the shovel flag we did about 5 minutes of yoga to stretch out the hips and legs.


Throughout the workout we talked about living third on the big ball. First is our creator, second is everyone else, and third is ourselves. I discussed the first of the four quadrants of preparedness, GET RIGHT! Because if you are not right you are ineffective at serving those in proximity to you. Click the link below to learn more.


Q1.1 DRP
Q1.2 Q
Q1.3 King
Q1.4 Queen
Q1.5 Jester
Q1.6 M
Q1.7 Shorties
Q1.8 ShieldLock
Q1.9 Whetstone
Q1.10 Mammon
Q1.11 Prayer
Q1.12 Study
Q1.13 Meeting

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