No Regrets Push-Up Challenge

2018 No Regrets Men’s Conference


Men pushing the Big Ball to prove, well absolutely nothing. Awesome work men.
High Impact men showing the results of our competition. Looks like Dropbox forgot to wear his F3 shirt. What up bro?
The lookers on thinking “What the H377?”

The 2018 No Regrets Men’s Conference was an amazing experience. Fun was had by all and all should have been convicted in one way or another. Some great words were shared by the speakers and attendees alike. Miles McPhearson blew my mind on several occasions, especially his discussion on race relations in the United States. Gonna watch that one again. All the sermons from the conference are available at No Regrets Conference.

F3 Lehigh Valley was there with a great showing. We had a table to introduce guys to F3 and answer any questions. The Merkin (push-up) challenge was a big hit. Forty Six men participate and they did a cumulative 2,812 Merkin ! Amazing what the collective is capable of. This challenge was not just for fun. You see the men of F3 are on a mission to invigorate male community leadership. For every 500 Merkins completed, F3 is going to sponsor a ticket for No Regrets 2019! Awesome stuff. But it doesn’t end there. Each age group winner also won an entry into the 2019 No Regrets conference. The winners and their Merkin totals are listed below. The winners will be notified when registration opens for the 2019 No Regrets Conference.

The winners in each age group are:

<30:           Nick Long – 107 Merkins
30-39:        Neon 114 Merkins
40-49:        Hugo Fajardo – 91 Merkins
50-59:        Brian Lokitis – 68 Merkins
60-69:        Steve Schmitt – 40 Merkins
70+:           Jerry Smith – 35 Merkins

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