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What exactly is the F3 HOF Log?

A log in and of itself is just a piece of wood however, this log is so much more. This log will become a good friend to many of you, me included. It is called the HOF, or Hall Of Fame Log for the very simple reason the log will be engraved with the names of F3 Lehigh Valley’s Hall of Fame class.

So how do you get your name on the HOF Log? Post to 50 workouts, that’s all. Oh and there is the actual 50th workout. At that workout the log, appropriately named Lady Glittersparkles, will accompany the newly minted HOF entrant throughout the workout.

This log must never touch the ground during the workout and the HOF entrant must always be touching the HOF Log. If the HOF Log touches dirt there is a special reward for ALL the PAX, Burpees! The first time the log touches the Big Ball the reward is 10 Burpees. For each additional touchdown there are 2 Burpees added (10 + 2 = 12). At the end of the workout the HOF entrant will receive a certificate and a lot of pats on the back.

How do we track the number of workouts? On the website is a “tag cloud“. The number next to your name is increased each time you post to a workout (as long as a Back Blast was written). It is your responsibility to notify Flame before you get to 46 post so the Log can be engraved.

What if the Backblast was not posted? Contact the Q of that workout.

When does the counting start? It already has. When F3 Nation went away from one website and we started our own. The numbers have been accumulating since the middle of July.

How long will this take me? If you post to 3 workouts a week it will take 16 2/3 weeks to complete.

I pray that you will embrace the suck of this challenge and rise to the occasion. Sound off in the comments below and let everyone know who is in.

This idea is being repurposed in the Lehigh Valley from the Hampton Roads (VA) Region. The picture is from their Twitter account.

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