Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…or it is laziness or expediency.  Regardless, YHC shamelessly copied the Frozen Hourglass workout…what works at the Pond should work at the Swamp.

YHC arrived a minute late due to slower than usual traffic from the light snow that was falling.  A quick disclosure was given and 4 PAX moseyed to the end of the lane for:

Warm-a-rama: Sun Gods, Abe Vigodas, SSH, Peter Parkers, Mountain Climbers, Grass Pickers

The Thang:

Hourglass – start with 50 reps, rinse with a run or plank, ladder down by 10 reps each to zero and then back up to 50 reps with a different exercise at each interval:

50 Merkins; Run

40 American Hammers; Plank

30 Bobby Hurleys; Run

20 Dips; Plank

10 Burpees; Run

0 BTTW to failure; Plank

10 Dr. W’s; Run

20 Box Jumps; Plank

30 Derkins; Run

40 In/Out Abs

50 Air Press from People’s Chair

We added another round of Air Presses with each PAX counting down from 10 and then wrapped up the Thang with a run around the park back to the parking lot.

Mary: LBCs and The World’s Greatest Stretch

COT: Praise and Prayer request went overtime.  As YHC drove away I realized we failed to do COR and NOR but fortunately I can count to four and remember at least four names.

Thanks, Bogey, for a great workout – keep them coming; we may have to imitate the Fleetwood gang again!

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