Runners Choice Reprise

40 degrees, clear

4 posted for a Treehugger led workout…

disclosure (during SSH)

100 Merkins  60  break  40

mosey round fitness track to swing set area…

The Thang:  Sprinters Choice

PAX take turns running one lap around track…

Pax picks 1 AB exercise…all do together then that PAX takes off running….next runner picks main exercise and remaining pax do together until runner returns…then next runner picks ab exercise….repeat until Q calls time

-ab exercises range from 1.5 to 2 mins timed (in no particular order): floor wiper, dr w, v sits, Supermans (back abs),

knees to chest, ww1, bicycles, plank (2 mins)

-Main exercise (in no particular order):

clap merkins, burpees, bear crawl, goonie punches, Squats, x jacks, Derkins

Mosey back to start


Bogey out


Black Friday Convergence at the Pond

On a day when hordes of people are descending upon retail outlets all over Pennsylvania to blow cash on big screens, toaster ovens and shop vacs, 9 high impact men met on a frigid (24 degrees) morning to push each other to be better, and spend some of those much earned calories from yesterday’s feast.  This was a convergence with Lehigh Valley PAX, and much thanks to Neon, Beaker and Flame for making the trip out to the frozen Tundra of Fleetwood Park.

Flame led us off with the Disclosure, then a mosey down around the fitness trip finishing at the volleyball court for..

Warmarama:  arm circles, moroccan night clubs, MH’s, merkins, mountain climbers…Flame passes the baton to YHC for..

Thang 1:   Black Friday Ball Blitz:   2 teams, 7 stations (stores) with a ball in each store representing our Black Friday deals, on each ball is an exercise and rep count….

1 runner from each team runs to a “store” and retrieves a ball for the group, everyone on team performs the exercise…switch runner and continue until all balls retrieved team members hold plank while runner gets ball…

winning team does 10 burpees, losing team 20 burpees…

exercises:    25 merkins, 2 laps around fitness track, 10 pullups, 10 lunges (each leg), 20 jump squats, bear crawl to second cone and crawl bear back, 10 burpees…

Treehugger takes over as Q…


Thang 2:  Turkey Jousting

PAX form a circle, 2 “turkeys” in center in squat position trying to force other turkey down, winner stays for another battels….

PAX on outside circle performing copperhead squats

Bogey takes over for…

Thang 3:  People’s Chair and BTTW

People’s Chair:  hold position and peform air claps while PAX take turns counting to 5, back around other direction still counting off by five but peforming punches..

BTTW competition:  Count ascending numbers as PAX come down until one final guy “standing”

Mosey back to shovel flag for ABS….around the horn as PAX pick the exercise



Backwards Bears and Baseball

YHC on Q and rolling in hot with only a minute to spare…driving Treehuggers truck with trailer that he graciously lent me to pick up a washer and dryer the day before…..thankful for brothers that are quick to help, and for God’s provision with this free dryer just when my family needed it…much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving eve.



-mosey to bandshell stage for boxjumps/ dips x 20

-mosey to upper ball field for “The Cycle”

-bear crawl home to first (5 merkins, 5 burpees at first)….crawl bear back home

bear crawl around first to second (10 merkins, 10 burpees)…crawl bear home

bear crawl to third (15, 15)….crawl bear home….

bearcrawl all the way around

-we broke up the pain with 2 rounds of abs (American hammers and bicycles)

-finished with dr w’s

-mosey to pullup bar for a round of morning call

mosey back to start for…



Crazy 8s


Demo stepped up to lead, and we have an FNG!!



mosry to pavilion for crazy 8s

8 exercises:  start 1 rep each, back to back, work your way to 8 reps each then back down…

irkins, derkins, big boys, pull-ups, dips, box jumps, lunges, Squats

took a break halfway thru for around the horn abs, PAX chooses exercise

mosey back to start for…


Sprinters Choice

Treehugger stepped up to Q and in true form announced a counting free, cadence less, creative workout. Much mumble chatter involving back abs as well as 2 startling confessions by tree hugger that he likes body builders more than burpees and he doesn’t eat candy anymore.

-quick disclosure, skip warmups with mosey to the runners loop, explained “sprinters choice” en route

-All pax ran one lap around fitness track

-each additional round the sprinter (oldest to youngest) picks the ab workout that all PAX do together, then the body weight exercise that everyone does while sprinter runs….did 2 rounds thru….

exercises/ ab workouts included ( in no particular order) :

burpees, merkins, ww1s, big boys, lunge walk, bear crawl, ab alphabet, merkins, 6 inches, standing American hammers, crab walk, body builders, super mans with abducters (“back abs”), bicycles, dips, box jumps, holding plank for 2 minutes


annoumcements: Black Friday convergence at The Pond 7-8