Burpee Burner

14 degrees, no wind


warmarama: Ssh, grasspickers, goofballs, arm circles

mosey around fitness track through parking lot to back to main st ball field corner

15 burpees

-mosey continuing full lap stopping at pullup bar for 15 burpees

then pull-ups to fail while rest of PAX do burpees

-over to basketball court for “Bearpees” the length of the court

out doing four count bear crawl/ burpee, back doing four count bear crawl/ 2 burpees

-mosey to pavilion for dealers choice abs;

dr ws, ww1s, protractor, vsits, Freddy mercs

-pick a bench for irkins, dips, step ups all x20

mosey back to start


Beat down in the Cold

Doubfire became the proud papa of Giggles (jefflapish@yahoo.com). Well done!

Temperatures AND wind in the teens made for a keep-moving moving.

Warmup: Pax runs ~150 yards then everyone does merkins until the first guy completes 35, repeat run and merkins until first guy completes 30, repeat until 25 and so on until zero.

The Thang: Two-minute intervals of dealer’s choice. Dealer is whomever chose to wear the 40 lb vest. Dealer also gets to call out anyone with bad form to get “down” and do sit-ups or another ab substitute. Choice included: air presses, high-knees, incline merkins, log jumps, burpees, squats, lunges, wall sits, pullups, v-sits, etc.

Announcements: Pax to meet for breakfast on Saturday (12/16/17) at the Airport Dinner in Kutztown at 6:30 a.m.

Ended with circle of trust.


Elevens and Dragons

28, no wind


warmarama: grasspickers, SSH, MH’s

mosey around fitness loop to basketball court

The Thang: Elevens (burpees/ merkins)

merkins on one side of court, animal walk width of court, burpees on other side.

animals included: Dragons (tough!), bearcrawl, crawlbear, crabwalk, frog jump

Break in middle for abs: dealers choice

mosey to ball field

thang 2

-split up into partners

PAX 1 stays home for Squats, air presses

PAX 2: butt kickers to first, lunges to second, high knees to third, karaoke home

flapjack…3 rounds

mosey back to start


The Max Multiplyer

38, windy as heck

9 brave souls ventured into the blustery December morning and pushed themselves

and each other.

treehugger announced it was 530 and off we went for a run the length of the parking lot

and back x 2…

off for a mosey down to playground…

-disclosure given while holding plank for 2 min…

the thang, Part 1:  Master Multiplyer

everyone does pushups to failure, proper form.

whatever your rep count, you will now do 4 times that amount in sets to

failure…with ab work for a break between sets.

Part 2: sprinters Choice:

pax picks ab workout that all do together, then main workout while one Pax runs…when runner returns he picks the ab then main workout…

ABS done (2 min duration)

ww1s, feet on fence Derkin plank, bicycles, dr ws

main exercises done:

burpees, lunges, squats, air presses, dips

mosey back


Friday Burner at The Pond

38, clear, stars were out..”The heavens declare the glory of GOD”

7 pax plus 1 FNG…almost a naked post but Mcbeal flew in a few minutes into X jacks


ssh, x jacks, ATMs…lined up on edge of parking lot:  high knees length of lot, butt kickers back, karaoke across, 85 per cent sprint back.

-mosey to pullup bar for “morning call”: pull-ups and merkins…with some abs thrown in

-mosey to bandshell/ stage for boxjumps/ dips x 20

-mosey to basketball court for Dora:

Pax 1: run to foul, touch, back to baseline, touch, to half court, touch, back, touch…etc.

Pax 2: worked on burpees x 75 (flapjack when pax 1 returns)

break for dr ws

Round 2

Pax 1: bear crawl across width of court, crawl bear back

Pax 2: working on 250 squats

mosey back to start