PBAM challenge

36, wet, no rain

warmarama: x jacks, mountain climbers

sprints across parking lot and back, 3 exercises each round when return

round 1: 20 merkins, 20 squats, 20 lbcs…round 2: 40 of each, round 3: 60 of each

-mosey to band shell

PBAM 2 min to win it:

2 min plank

2 min burpees AMRAP

2 min American hammers AMRAP

2 min merkins AMRAP

bear crawl to snack stand, crawl bear back

-PAX choice abs: bicycles, flutters, vsits, leg to opposite elbow, WW1s, side plank taps, alphabet

Circle of Failure

Seven men, seven stations.  Stations included burpees, v-sits, merkins, squats, plank, flutter kick, American Hammer, fast feet.  There were also three unknown stations that anyone could opt to select if they did not like the current station that they faced.  The terror of the unknown!

Each of the pax start at a different station and did that exercise until any one person fails.  The one that fails must broad jump around the pax.  The second time that an individual fails they must do two laps of broad jumps–continue increasing per failure.  After each failure, the rest of the pax immediately rotates so that everyone gets a new exercise with no rest.  Repeat for 45 minutes!

Juarez valley on ice

28 degrees, started to snow at end

Warmarama:  SSH, sprints down parking lot and back/ 20 burpees….down and back/ 10 burpees…down and back/ 5 burpees

mosey to bandshell for…

Ring of Fire: Everyone starts with SSH, then Q does 1burpee, starts Mountain Climbers, next guy clockwise does one burpee, starts MCs..once everyone is
Doing mountain climbers, Q does burpees and starts next
1.) SSH 2.) Mountain Climbers 3.) High Knees 4.) Imp. Squat walker 5.) Butt Kickers 6.) SSH

String of Pearls: Run around track, stopping periodically to do 10 merkins, 15 squats, 20 LBCs….finishing back at bandshell

Juarez Valley Method: (Merkins) 1. 20 reps rest 2. 1 rep rest 3. 19 reps 4. 2 reps 5. 18 reps…. 20.10 reps (see rep breakdown below).  Did reg merkins odd rounds and diamonds even rounds
1. 20
2. 1
3. 19
4. 2
5. 18
6. 3
7. 17
8. 4
9. 16
10. 5
11. 15
12. 6
13. 14
14. 7
15. 13
16. 8
17. 12
18. 9
19. 11
20. 10


finished with some post-COT pull-ups on way back to parking lot

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