Reluctant Beginnings – No Is Not Always No

AO:  The Canyon            QIC – Uptown Girl

Another great day in Paradise! Your Humble Companion (YHC) arrived at the flag pole at 5:30 am.  Park is quieter on Saturday mornings.  I saw two guys standing on the stairway platform and figured I should see if they know about F3.  As I got closer to them I saw them smoking so thought maybe these are not the best guys to invite to an F3 so I turned around.

So I walked back to the Flag Pole to see if I can spot some returning PAX or other prospects.  After waiting for 10 minutes and no traffic; I said well I might as well go talk to the smokers.  It was good to talk to these men and hear them say, “Ya know I would love to do something like that.   I haven’t worked out in years.”  So I asked, How old are you guys?  We are both 24 years old.  So it turns out these guys just got off work and they fessed up they were HIGH just looking at the moon and what they thought was a star.  I can only imagine what F3 could do to help the men in this community over time.

While taking to my tokers, I light EH a guy.  He said, maybe next time.  I walk back to the shovel flag I heavy EH a guy and he makes a commitment to bring his buddy tomorrow for a workout.  I lock him in; by getting his buddy’s name and telling him there is no scheduled workout tomorrow; however, since it is my last day in town; I will come; but he has to text me if he needs to cancel.  So he walks off.

I think this is going to look really awkward working out alone calling cadences and kicking my own ass.  Instead I decide to give these guys one more try.  Sure enough I negotiate a 30 minute non killer introductory F3 workout (still FREE).  Come on how, can you ask your buddy to join you for a workout you haven’t tried yourself.  I got my two FNG’s


Mosey to down the ramp.  Sungods, Abe Vagoda, Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Derkins, Mountain Climbers, SSH, Seal Jacks, and maybe some other stuff that got us warmed up and sweating.

The Thang

  1. Rock Lunges Up Ramp – Bear Crawl Down Ramp
  2. High Knee Up Ramp – Crab Walk Down Ramp
  3. Stairs Up – 1st Platform 5 Burpees, 2nd Platform 5 Crab Cakes, 10 Dips.
  4. Indian Run – Half Mile Around Track – last guy 5 burpees.
  5. Shuffle Left – Shuffle Right
  6. 50 yard Full Sprint
  7. AYG Dips on Bench

ary –  American Hammer, Flutter Kicks, and Freddie Mercury.

CoRama – 3

NoRama –  Hollywood and TapOut

CoT – Thank God for bringing us the goodnews and a glourious brand new day.  There are men and women all of this great land that need a group of people who want to encourage the improvement of others physically, relation-ally, and spiritually.

Reflection  – Do not give up!  Even when you hear no the first time.

Spread the Sunshine

Thursday, August 17, 2017            QIC – Uptown Girl

Another great day in Paradise! Your Humble Companion (YHC) arrived at the flag pole at 5:30 am; after EH’ng Florin (another guy from Ethopia) who Ubered me to the Park from The Cosmopolitan.  It’s an $8.00 Uber ride versus a $25 cab ride. Think about it!    The best $8.00 spent in this town.

I spotted a guy who I saw on Tuesday who was doing some flying squirrel exercise across the infield.  I said this is a perfect F3 candidate.  Come to find out he is a porter at Caesars.  This 58 year old brother packs his workout clothes everyday and as soon as his shift is over (5am) he heads to the park for a workout.  Turns out he knows a few people.  While I was talking to FNG, Motown rolls in ready to give it another go.  After admitting to splashing merlot after 30 minutes into his first workout; he was back for more.  He said, “I need this!”   I told him, you are the reason I am doing  this.  Where else can you find a man; who is ready to change his life for the better and be supported by his brothers.  No strings attached!


Mosey to down the ramp.  Stop at the benches.  Step-ups, Dips, Sungods, Abe Vagoda, Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Derkins, Mountain Climbers, SSH, Seal Jacks, and maybe some other stuff that got us warmed up and sweating.

The Thang

Part 1 – Free Coupons

Pick up two nice rocks from the hill.  10 reps each with rocks in hand.

  1. Overhead Clap
  2. Squats
  3. Lunge 25 yards Up Hill with rocks.

Drop the Coupons.  Bear Crawl down hill.

Mosey to mid-field!  For Part 2!  Sett up two water bottles 25 yards apart.  Motown had to bolt to pick up his daughter.  We prayed him out.  About 2 minutes later a young women approached us wanting to join  us, she was friend of FNG.  I explained this is a men’s only group, no offense, however, some men would be less likely to participate if women were working out with group.  She understood; however, her heart was saddened.  I told her that I would introduce her to FIA (Females In Action); which is a sister organization.  Since she was a close personal friend of FNG, 75% through workout, and no other men would be discouraged or distracted by her participation I invited her to join us for this one time.

Part – 2 –  Jacob’s Ladder with lots of twists

Run 25 yards – 10 burpees, Run Back 25 yards – 1 Crab Cake

Run 25 yards – 9 burpees, Run Back 25 yards – 2 Crab Cake

Shuffle 25 yards – 8 burpees, Shuffle Back 25 yards – 3 Crab Cake

Bear Crawl 25 yards – 7 burpees, Bear Crawl Back 25 yards – 4 Crab Cake

Crab Walk 25 yards – 6 burpees,  Crab Walk Back 25 yards – 5 Crab Cake

Lunge 25 yards – 5 burpees, Lunge Back 25 yards – 6 Crab Cake

Backwarkd run 25 yards – 4 burpees, Backward Run 25 yards – 7 Crab Cake

Indian run back to flag pole

Mary –  American Hammer, Flutter Kicks, and Crunch Frogs.

CoRama – 4

NoRama –  Ceaser and Sunshine

CoT – Thank God for bringing us the goodnews and a glourious brand new day.  There are men and women all of this great land that need a group of people who want to encourage the improvement of others physically, relation-ally, and spiritually.

Reflection  – Thank God I was rocking a Tony Robbins conference from 9am to 11:30 pm yesterday.  Did you know that prostitution is legal in Clark County (Las Vegas).  Let’s be real.  There is so much sin that easily entangles (Hebrews 12: 1-3).   Many a great man have fallen to lust.  Because it’s legal, does that mean it’s ok?  Did God really say, no to eat from this tree? .


Another Day In Paradise

Tuesday, August 15, 2017            QIC – Uptown Girl

It was a clear morning in Las Vegas, Charles Frias Park.  I have come to find that the official meeting place for F3 in the park is at the Flag Pole. Don’t be alarmed if you see some people camped out there sleeping on the benches.  The official F3 shovel flag could be incorporated at some time in the future; however, now  the flag pole is the perfect starting and ending spot for each workout.

One of the guys’s I was EH’ing last week showed up today early (5:30am) and we talked all the way up to 5:45am.  Interestingly enough no on else showed up, so I disclosed him and we were on the mosey.  While we had the path we ran into two more guys we didn’t know and got them to join us.


I gave the new guys the disclosure and taught them how to count and call back during the warm-up.  Arm Circles, Abe Vogoda, Grass Pickers, Monkey Humpers, SSH, Alabama Ass Kickers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and may a few more things I can’t remember.

The Thang

  1. High Knees 25 yards,  Butt Kickers 25 yards
  2. Lunge 25 yards, Bear Crawl 25 yards
  3. Crab Walk 25 yards, Backwards Lunge 25 yards
  4. Bermuda Triangle: 25 yards apart: Round 1 – 10 merkins at each point, bear crawl between.  Round 2 – 10 world war II sit-ups at each point, lunch between points.
  5. Partner Up Facing Each Other – Shuffle Left 25 years, Shuffle Right 25 yards.
  6. In Partner Formation:  Hold Plank.  10 count one hand slaps, Hold Plank.  10 count plank jacks, 10  count merkin down, up hand clap with partner.

Mary –  these guys were praying for the finish, but glad they did it.  One FNG needed to pick up his kids and another FNG had a series of attempt to splash merlot.  Your Humble Companion (YHC) ended workout at 30 minutes because all Pax reported visible sufficient beating.

CoRama – 4

NoRama –  Porter, Rictor, and MoTown

CoT – Thank God for opening these men’s heart to go for workout with some crazy dude from Allentown, PA named Uptown Girl.  Grateful for the larger nation of men that want to put other people first, including God, our families, and our community.

Reflection  – while working out in the park I could see mountains off on the horizon and also this giant canyon that is built into the side of the park.  I declare this AO (Area of Operation) will not be referred to as “The Canyon”.






FREE is the Most Expensive Word in LV

Tuesday, August 8, 2017                QIC:  Uptown Girl

AO:  Charles Frias Park, Las Vegas, NV       Time:  05:45 – 6:30 

What a glorious day in Paradise.  Starting temperature and sunrise in Las Vegas was a cool 82 degrees no humidity.  A lot of activity in the park when I arrived.  Would you believe not one person was there because they heard from a friend or PAX about the workout.  This is nothing new for YHC.  So with all the activity; it was easy for me to speak to four guys prior to start; and get two hard commits.

Cowboy Wisdom:  FREE is the most expensive word in Las Vegas or life for that matter.

This statement was contributed wisdom from FNG (E-Money) that was waiting for the sales pitch or hook; but never found it.  He waited and waited, not attachment.  Free Gift!  Give to Give as Dark Helmet puts it.

In truth, If you don’t ask; you will not receive!  (Matthew 7:7)

These guys didn’t need any help with mumble chatter.  They were yelling out cadences, complaints, groans, like pros from beginning to end of workout.  It was music to my ears.

Disclaimer: I am an unpaid volunteer and not a professional. You are here by your own choice and by choosing to participate you assume all risk. You are best able to determine your abilities and should modify the workout as needed to suit your own needs. Stay safe and be alert.


Mosey down to the in field.  Circle up. Sun Gods, Grass Pickers, Abe Vogoda, Monkey Humpers , SSH, Hillbillies, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and probably a couple of other things I can’t remember.



Part 1 – The Track

There happens to be about 20 blue trash can around the outside of a half mile paved track. The trash cans are about 100 to 200 yards apart.  We did a variety of exercises at each trash can and different modes of transportation between each trash can.

Exercises: Burpees, Merkins, American Hammers, Alternating Shoulder Tap

Transportation: Mosey, Sprint, Mosey, Lunge, Backpedal, shuffle, Karaoke

Part 2 – The Rock Garden Hill

Sprint up the hill to the rocks.  Do 1 burpee, bear crawl down the hill, do 10 merkins.

Sprint up the hill to the rocks.  Do 2 burpee, crab walk down the hill, do 9 merkins

Sprint up the hill to the rocks.  Pick Up Rock do 10 squats with rock out in front, crab walk down the hill.


Mosey up the ramp to benches.  Do V-Sit-ups on Bench, Dips, World War I, Freddie Mercury,  and flutter kicks


Count-O-Rama: 3

Name-O-Rama: E-Money (Bengie) and Hila (Lol LW)

Prayers & Praises:   We gave thanks for day and that God put these men in YHC path. It turns out Hila is a taxi driver so he gave me a ride back to the hotel. On our car ride he shared his wife and he have been trying for some time to get pregnant.  Working with doctors. So I promised him we will be praying for his family.   Hila has seen E-money a dozen times or more at the same park.  They never spoke.  Today change happened for these men.