Over The River and Thru the Woods

32, no wind

few inches of snow left over following the first winter storm of the year on Saturday….perfect backdrop for a trip to “grandma’s house”


warmarama: ssh, mh’s, mountain climbers

the thang:  trip to gmas house

round 1:

mosey lower lap

back to gmas house ( pavilion) for merkins

-25 regular, 25 derkins….50 American hammers..25 irkins, 25 diamond

round 2:  gramma needs eggs..back out on trail for upper loop mosey and back to gmas house for..

-burpees.  15 burpees…break…15 burpees…25 ww1s…20 burpees

Round 3:  lower loop mosey.,back for

-25 lunges (each leg)..visits to failure…25 copper head squats

finish with 3 sets of abs (dealers choice)

skiing abs (thanks slow bear), dr ws, crunchy frogs


12 days of Christmas in Fleetwood

28 degrees, clear, supermoon
8 Pax posted to the Iron Maiden to spread Christmas cheer F3 style with the 12 days of Christmas bootcamp.

Disclosure issued

Warmarama: grass pickers, SSH x 20, mosey around lower loop (3 PAX donning headlamps due to lack of lighting on trail)

return to Pavilion for The Thang:

The 12 days of Christmas:

Day 1: 1 burpee with a merkin (sing song in head while saying)
Day 2: 2 diamond merkins (plus Day 1)
Day 3: 3 copperhead squats (plus Days 1 and 2)
Day 4: 4 clap merkins
Day 5: 5 Dr. W’s
Day 6: 6 Lunges (each Leg)
Day 7: 7 donkey kicks
Day 8: 8 box jumps
Day 9: 9 dips
Day 10: run across field to base of hill, backwards run up, bear crawl back down, run back to pavilion
Day 11: 11 derkins
Day 12: BTTW, stay up as long as you can, until last man “standing”

-circle up by flag for abs:
bicycles, v sits (of course)


Great to have so many guys posting, announced that we will be doing commitments for the new year and will have a commitment workout on the last workout of the year at The Pond.

Bogey Out

A 26er on the 27th

3 PAX posted on this first Monday coming out of the holiday weekend..

36 degrees, clear

warmarama:  SSH x 20, Mountain climbers x 15

The Thang:  26er

13 exercises, 26 reps each

start at pavilion, mosey together to base of hill, backwards run

up hill, do exercise at top, bear crawl down hill, mosey together

back to pavilion for next exercise….continue till all

exercises complete.


clap pushups (tough), plank jacks, floor wipers, Derkins,

burpees, mountain climbers, lunges, dips, American hammers,

box jumps, squats, Merkins, ww1s


Where’s the trail??

Chilly and Dark, 5 HIMs (high impact men) of Berks county met up to beat their bodies and encourage each other…

warmarama:  SSH, hillbillies, MH’s

indian run around lower (unlit) end of track….missed a turn, lost the track, didn’t see a hill….with my history of running in the dark you’d think this would be a situation I’d avoid a little more…we made it to the Hill Of Fame eventually for…

-Clock Merkins…. 4 merkins in each clock position called out by Q

-partnered up for 1 round of hill Doras

PAX 1: backwards run up, forwards run down, backwards up..10 merkins at top, bear crawl down switch with partner

Pax 2: 100 burpees

mosey back to pavilion

find spot on wall for

-Mike Tysons x 10

-people’s chair with air claps/ punching jabs

meet over at flag for ab burners, PAX choice:  bicycles, dr w’s, v sits, Jane Fondas, American Hammers



Staying dry..Deck o cardz

planned a good workout..woke up to a cold rain and YHC thought better of sloggin’ the PAX up and down a slippery hill workout…so improvised with a deck of cards workout under cover of pavilion….that’s still outdoors!

warmarama:  SSH, Imperial walkers, mor  occan night clubs, mountain climbers

deck of cards (iPhone app)

hearts: merkins (diamonds for face card$

spades: copper head squats

diamonds: big boys

clubs:  burpees

-tech fail halfway thru and tree hugger suggested 4 sets of 10 to finish off

-Abs to close:  bicycles, supermans, American hammers

  1. COR, NOR, COT