post Super Bowl burner

3 fearless PAX posted to celebrate the Eagles win F3 style…icy roads/ trail so stuck inside pavilion


Dora 1-2-3

Round 1

pax 1:  bear crawl down, crawl bear back

pax 2: works toward cumulative 100 burpees…flapjack when pax 1 returns

round 2

pax 1:  lunge walk down, broad jump back

pax 2:  cumulative 200 push-ups in sets of (10 derkins, 10 irkins, 10 merkins)…flapjack

AB workout:

bicycles, dr Ws, VSits to fail



Sprinter’s Choice…Log relay version

40, no wind

It is Treehugger’s 50th “logged” workout, so we are of course crlebrating with slog.

Yes with the HOF log in tow six of is pushed each other thru a warmer winter gloom, keeping our spirits high and the log off the ground for the entire workout.


warmarama:  SSH, grasspickers, mountain climbers (Treehugger did some impressive one armed mountain climbers holding the log)

mosey bottom loop, cutting around perimeter of outfield fence to shorten loop

Sprinter’s Choice, log relay:

-teams of 3, one team running, taking turns carrying log, around loop we ran

during mosey

-the running team picks exercise for the team back at the pavilion

-do abs together between rounds

-flapjack after abs, other team carries log for run and picks exercise for other team

exercises were: merkins, Squats, burpees (each team did 2 round of each)

abs were:           V Sits, Dr. Ws, flutter kicks, WW1s, crunchy frogs, bicycles

finished with BTTW…all guys doing BTTW, one guy holding log in people’s chair..

switch off log as guys come off of wall


-Bogey out

Return of The Hill

Return of the Hill

Following a long frozen stretch, the hill was sufficiently melted and ready to challenge 5 intrepid

men in the early Blandon gloom.


SSH, XJacks, mountain climbers, grass pickers, Moroccan night clubs

Headlamps on, mosey full loop ending at the Hill of Fame.

Clock Merkins (4 at each “hour hand” time that Q calls out…..feet stay still)

Partner up for Hill Doras…..

Round 1

Exercise: Burpees x 80

Run: Backwards up hill, run down, backwards up hill, Bobby Hurley x3, bear crawl down hill

Round 2

Exercise: Merkins x 150

Mosey back to pavilion

Dips, Derkins, box jumps x 20

Find spot on wall for people’s chair (each PAX counts to 12, all airpressing, on way back same thing

With boxing jabs)

BTTW, last man “standing”

Introduction of HOF log by Flame (YHC and Treehugger will be doing combined workout this week

With the log)

Circle up by Flag for round of abs (flutter kicks, box cutters, Dr. W’s, Vsits)


Frozen Hourglass

15 degrees, light breeze


warmarama:  ssh, mountain climbers, Moroccan night clubs

mosey around upper loop

The Thang:  Hourglass (start with 50 reps, ladder down 40, 30…to zero, different exercise for each set of reps….alternating an upper lap run and 2 minute plank for the rinse between exercises….then ladder back up to 50)

50 merkins


40 American Hammers

2 min plank

30 Bobby Hurleys


20 dips


10 burpees


0 (BTTW as long as you can)


10 count Dr. Ws


20 box jumps

30 derkins

40 V Sits

50 air presses from Peoples Chair

2 min plank