The Test III


The PAX descended on The Bee Hive full of whatever they ate for dinner last night. Some were still asleep. YHC came prepared for battle. The battle was not against the PAX or the weather. The foe was not the snow or the slight wind. The enemy was … myself. I brought with me a bad attitude to The Bee Hive. That attitude was quickly put in check when Dropbox showed up even though he has a torn meniscus and is getting surgery on Tuesday, prayers up. This reminded me that no matter how I felt it could be worse. Dropbox will have his surgery and recover to make a triumphant Kotter return to The Gloom soon.

Check yo ‘tude at the door!


The Test

The PAX partnered up (Flame was odd man out). While partner 1 exercised, partner 2 counted and vice versa.

Each PAX had two minutes to perform as many repetitions as possible of each exercise.

  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Burpees
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • 1 mile run

The mile run was not completed due to icy conditions. Here are the results:


PFT Results - 03/26/2017

F3 NameMerkinsSquatsBurpeesSit-upsPull-upsMile
Uptown Girl66843360202.12
Boo Boo5678214225

Burpee Burner

14 degrees, no wind


warmarama: Ssh, grasspickers, goofballs, arm circles

mosey around fitness track through parking lot to back to main st ball field corner

15 burpees

-mosey continuing full lap stopping at pullup bar for 15 burpees

then pull-ups to fail while rest of PAX do burpees

-over to basketball court for “Bearpees” the length of the court

out doing four count bear crawl/ burpee, back doing four count bear crawl/ 2 burpees

-mosey to pavilion for dealers choice abs;

dr ws, ww1s, protractor, vsits, Freddy mercs

-pick a bench for irkins, dips, step ups all x20

mosey back to start


Beat down in the Cold

Doubfire became the proud papa of Giggles ( Well done!

Temperatures AND wind in the teens made for a keep-moving moving.

Warmup: Pax runs ~150 yards then everyone does merkins until the first guy completes 35, repeat run and merkins until first guy completes 30, repeat until 25 and so on until zero.

The Thang: Two-minute intervals of dealer’s choice. Dealer is whomever chose to wear the 40 lb vest. Dealer also gets to call out anyone with bad form to get “down” and do sit-ups or another ab substitute. Choice included: air presses, high-knees, incline merkins, log jumps, burpees, squats, lunges, wall sits, pullups, v-sits, etc.

Announcements: Pax to meet for breakfast on Saturday (12/16/17) at the Airport Dinner in Kutztown at 6:30 a.m.

Ended with circle of trust.


Over The River and Thru the Woods

32, no wind

few inches of snow left over following the first winter storm of the year on Saturday….perfect backdrop for a trip to “grandma’s house”


warmarama: ssh, mh’s, mountain climbers

the thang:  trip to gmas house

round 1:

mosey lower lap

back to gmas house ( pavilion) for merkins

-25 regular, 25 derkins….50 American hammers..25 irkins, 25 diamond

round 2:  gramma needs eggs..back out on trail for upper loop mosey and back to gmas house for..

-burpees.  15 burpees…break…15 burpees…25 ww1s…20 burpees

Round 3:  lower loop mosey.,back for

-25 lunges (each leg)..visits to failure…25 copper head squats

finish with 3 sets of abs (dealers choice)

skiing abs (thanks slow bear), dr ws, crunchy frogs


Strength, Speed, Power, & Pain

Dynamic Warm-up


Jog to pavilion

  1.  Pull-ups max reps followed by box jumps-20 reps
  2. Pull-ups max reps followed by step-ups 20 (4 count)
  3. Chin-ups max reps followed by single leg pistol squats (10 each leg)
  4. Pull-ups any variety max reps followed by lateral jumps over partner holding plank hand plank position.  Each left right jump equals one rep

Speed/High Intensity

Jog to football field

  1. Sprint from corner of football field to other corner (about 120+ yards), jog to other corner, sprint again to far corner (120+ yards), then jog back. Finish with 30 push-ups.
  2. Repeat sprint/jog sequence/30 sit-ups
  3. Repeat sprint jog sequence /30 squats
  4. Repeat sprint jog sequence/plank hold count of ten per each pax member (around 100 seconds)

Animal Strength

Start at goal line go to 50 yard line (50 yards) complete the following:

  • bear crawls
  • side-ways bear crawls
  • forward crabwalks
  • backwards crabwalks
  • ape traverse left
  • ape traverse right

Core Strength

Completed the following exercises for a count of 10 by each pax member around 120 count:

  • hand plank
  • opposite leg and arm extended w/other knee/ hand on ground
  •  side plank w/switch at halfway
  • table plank
  • superman for halfway/ banana hold for second half
  • elbow plank finish