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Lake Champion Men’s Retreat

F3 Workout on Saturday October 7th, 2017

The numbers don’t lie. There were 26 men who vacated the fartsack and attended the F3 workout that morning. A group of High Impact Men looking to live third behind their creator and their community. In order for men to be high impact they must be sharpened by other men and that is exactly what we did that weekend. Below are my thoughts after the weekend and what it all meant to me.

Heading into the weekend I did not have any expectations as this was my first time in attendance. The weekend is very well put together with the right mix of levity and spirituality. There was definitely some fun and sleep was hard to come by, especially in my cabin. On Saturday morning I got to workout with the men below and it was amazing. What an opportunity to share F3 with some brothers. On Saturday night I sat and listened for 15 minutes. Nothing happened! This concerned me and encouraged me at the same time. First I was concerned that God and I were so far disconnected that we were not to have a conversation. That could very well be the case. The encouragement came when someone said to me that maybe God did not have anything to say to me. Ok, errrr ….. not sure that helps. Then I was asked if it seems like the devil is trying to ruin my plans. The answer is yes. My friend told me that the closer we get to God the closer the devil gets to us. I tell you all of this to encourage those who did not have a conversation with God that evening. Maybe there was nothing to say. Continue to seek his face and humble yourself. Amen.

After the weekend I feel rejuvenated and alive. That weekend relly put things into perspective for me and I can’t wait until next year.


P.S. For those who do not know me I am in the front row on the right with red and black kicks on.


It’s a sign!
WW1 Sit-ups will get you up every time.
The PAX, men who have taken the DRP and posted.




Go to for all the details.


Sometimes God seems far away and invisible in your life. This morning was the opposite of that. The High Impact Men of F3 Lehigh Valley converged on the Allentown Rescue Mission for a Labor Day morning to remember. The purpose of this workout is to raise money for the Allentown Rescue Mission who helps so many men get back on their feet. The very light of this organization in this dark world is a reason for hope and encouragement.

Twenty six men, 8 of which are FNGs gathered for a workout to introduce F3 to the men at the rescue mission. Some men showed up early with workout gear to give to those men that showed for the workout. The rest of the gear was collected and distributed to men who signed up for a future workout.

Uptown Girl started the event on time with an introduction to F3 that included the mission, core principles and disclaimer. At the point Flame took over for the warm up that started with a mosey to a nearby soccer field. The warm up then included SSHs, arm circles, huggie bears, monkey humpers, and merkins. The Q torch was then passed to Neon for the Thang.

The Thang

Mosey to the sideline of the field. A series of traverses across the field included bear craw, crab walks and backward run. We then circled up for some more punishment including plank jacks, shoulder taps, and merkins. We moseyed back to the shovel flag for a few minutes of Mary.

Uptown Girl then closed up with announcements, Count-A-Rama (26 PAX) and Name-A-Rama.

The whole group then joined the rescue mission for breakfast and fellowship. We offered F3 to some guys and 8 guys signed up for future workouts. These workouts will be setup with the rescue mission according to their schedule.

After breakfast raffle tickets were sold for a chance at prizes. The winners were:

Allentown Rescue Mission T-Shirt: Hurricane

Allentown Rescue Mission Sweatshirt: Cooter

F3 Shirt: Billy Ray

Wawa shortie gift cards (4): Sensei

Wawa shortie gift cards (2): Thing 1

Burpee Challenge winner (Allentown Rescue Mission Sweatshirt): Sensei


Burpee Challenge

We then conducted the burpee challenge. The men were asked in advance to get sponsors for their burpees with a suggestion of $1/burpee. The challenge lasted for 15 minutes and 14 men participated. By the looks of some of the pictures it was joyful. When it was all said and done these 14 men completed 1909 burpees in 15 mintues. Amazing. For those counting here is the tally:

  • Thing 1: 155
  • Dr. Suess: 100
  • Cooter: 108
  • Colombia: 171
  • Sensei: 223
  • Uptown Girl: 157
  • Drop Box: 100
  • Neon: 201
  • Tree Hugger: 205
  • Mulligan: 75
  • Zebra: 115
  • Tiny Bubbles: 101
  • Capone: 138
  • Slim: 60

The total raised by the burpee challenge, ticket sales and donations is $3119!

At the end of the day men will be helped in a big way by the event this morning.



Date: August 31st, 2017

Qic: Flame

PAX: Drop Box, Luigi, Checkmate, Popeye, Buckeye, Thundercat, Uptown Girl, Flame

On this glorious morning we are to attempt the 49er, which should be called the 343er … you’ll understand.

Mosey 1/2 mile to the warm-o-rama location then:

Moroccan night Club, Abe Vagoda, Monkey Humpers, Arm Cirlcles, Huggie Bears, Merkins

Mosey 1/2 mile to the playground for the “Main Thang”

Seven exercises, Seven reps each, and Seven rounds.


Pull ups


Overhead arm claps



Air Squared

The first round was attempted by each PAX rotating form one station tot he next. After round 1 it was obviously better to complete all exercises together.

The #mumblechatter was strong with this one. It seems I lied to one of the PAX and told him this was going to be easy. It did seem easy on paper. Ohh well.

After completion we moseyed to the shovel flag for 8 Minutes of Mary.


While there were complaints about the strength of my weinkie I believe all the PAX enjoyed it a little bit.

Announcements: Manniversary (, T shirt order (

Prayers for all the people effected by the hurricane in Houston and the surrounding area. All of those volunteering their time, energy and money. prayers especially for those who lost loved ones in the flooding and devastation. God send provision to them.

Flame out …

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