Backwards Bears and Baseball

YHC on Q and rolling in hot with only a minute to spare…driving Treehuggers truck with trailer that he graciously lent me to pick up a washer and dryer the day before…..thankful for brothers that are quick to help, and for God’s provision with this free dryer just when my family needed it…much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving eve.



-mosey to bandshell stage for boxjumps/ dips x 20

-mosey to upper ball field for “The Cycle”

-bear crawl home to first (5 merkins, 5 burpees at first)….crawl bear back home

bear crawl around first to second (10 merkins, 10 burpees)…crawl bear home

bear crawl to third (15, 15)….crawl bear home….

bearcrawl all the way around

-we broke up the pain with 2 rounds of abs (American hammers and bicycles)

-finished with dr w’s

-mosey to pullup bar for a round of morning call

mosey back to start for…



Crazy 8s


Demo stepped up to lead, and we have an FNG!!



mosry to pavilion for crazy 8s

8 exercises:  start 1 rep each, back to back, work your way to 8 reps each then back down…

irkins, derkins, big boys, pull-ups, dips, box jumps, lunges, Squats

took a break halfway thru for around the horn abs, PAX chooses exercise

mosey back to start for…


Where’s the trail??

Chilly and Dark, 5 HIMs (high impact men) of Berks county met up to beat their bodies and encourage each other…

warmarama:  SSH, hillbillies, MH’s

indian run around lower (unlit) end of track….missed a turn, lost the track, didn’t see a hill….with my history of running in the dark you’d think this would be a situation I’d avoid a little more…we made it to the Hill Of Fame eventually for…

-Clock Merkins…. 4 merkins in each clock position called out by Q

-partnered up for 1 round of hill Doras

PAX 1: backwards run up, forwards run down, backwards up..10 merkins at top, bear crawl down switch with partner

Pax 2: 100 burpees

mosey back to pavilion

find spot on wall for

-Mike Tysons x 10

-people’s chair with air claps/ punching jabs

meet over at flag for ab burners, PAX choice:  bicycles, dr w’s, v sits, Jane Fondas, American Hammers